How to buy Bitcoin with Credit and Debit Card

Hello everyone, this is the website that I use to buy Bitcoin using a credit card or debit card It's called coin mama There are other places where you could buy a Bitcoin and probably for a cheaper price, but I prefer using this website Because it's relatively easy The only thing about coin mama is that you cannot store your bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies you buy from them So you do have to provide your own wallet and wallet address as you can see here They got other cryptocurrencies You could buy they got cerium riffle light corn Bitcoin cash card on oh and Qtu amp

So the first step is to click on the signup button in the upper right hand corner which will take you to this page and then From here, you just fill out the required fields and then create your account so after you've created your account just enter your credentials to login and I'm just gonna go ahead login with undermined So this is what it looks like when you login I've got my profile you got coupons You got a Buy button right here you could always use the Buy button in the top right hand or You click this one right here So I'm gonna click this one and It'll take you to this screen As you could see Bitcoin is selected by default So right here these are all the Buy Now buttons by $100 worth of BTC You can buy $250 worth $1,000 words or even 3,000 same thing for your theory 'im Buy $100 worth $250 words and so on X aren't P same thing It'll be the same for the rest of them Now if you wanted to buy a different amount from the Buy Now options you could go down here You just scroll down to this Tool right here and then lets you select how much you want to buy and they'll convert it for you So you can just slide it across either direction, so I want to if I wanted to buy a $2,000 worth of X RP which would be 6,000 of them You know just select it right there You can also move it all the way across And that's the most it'll go up to Four thousand nine hundred dollars worth of XRP and You'll get fourteen thousand 72-52 XR teens You can slide it all the way down as well And it goes down to 100 that's 301 XR peas You could also type in the field, so let's say I wanted to buy $200 worth of x RP and you just type it in Or even a thousand dollars worth you can just type it in you get three thousand one you can do that with all All the other crypto currencies, I'm gonna select this Bitcoin Let's just say I wanted to buy one Bitcoin It cost me three thousand seven hundred and nine dollars But for now, I'm going to select the hundred dollar Buy Now option and Then it takes me to this page now This is where you enter your Bitcoin wallet address So I'm going to enter my Bitcoin wallet address in here you do have to provide your own separate Bitcoin wallet because this is not storage You could only buy from here now

It gives me twenty nine minutes to do that and As you can see I'm buying a hundred dollars worth of BTC The processing fee is $5 So the total amount is going to be a hundred and five dollars that will appear on my credit card statement And Then we go right here Where you answer all your credit card information? So I'm gonna go ahead and do that and I'll be back Alright so when you enter your payment info it'll take you to this screen right here And then this is where they're gonna send you a link to your email to confirm your wallet address And then all you do is just go to your email Follow the link that they send you and then you'll end up on this page Which says that my wallet has been confirmed So then I'm gonna click on the continue to your coin mama account button That takes me back to my account and I can see my orders here and I see that the one I just placed is in process So now I just gotta wait for it to clear on the blockchain and then I'll check my my wallet where I sent the Bitcoin and that should take a couple minutes and Then it'll be in there So I hope this helped you out and thanks for watching