How to build Credit in 2018

What's up Buddha's today I'm going to teach you how to start building credit so you can start travel hacking the right way All right so since this is my first video I'll go ahead and introduce myself real quick my name is Justin Thomas I'm from Nebraska I went to high school and college here I graduated from college with a full-time amazing nine-to-five job this is an amazing opportunity that I have been working for for the last 20 years of my life or so I was told in reality I knew I was never gonna be the type of person that would enjoy or be proud of working for someone else I always hated having a set schedule and I really hated being told what to do the worst part about having a job was that I would be out of my vacation time by the first month I love and cherish my freedom and time more than anything else I always loved traveling to new places over the years of watching my family I've picked up a lot of ways to save money and gather tons of travel points once I left home at 18 I learned tips and tricks that would make my family's head spin so I worked my aweful job for about a month and I decided this wasn't for me I scoured the internet and tried and failed and many different things to free myself with this job I finally created a pretty successful e-commerce business and I have quit my nine-to-five now I spend most of my time figuring out the best ways to experience the world at very little cost or free I hate spending all my money on travel some trips can be insanely expensive and I love getting to go across the globe at no cost to me all right let's jump in okay what is credit for all intents and purposes credit is you showing the bank that you'll pay back money that was loaned to you people with good credit have shown a pattern of paying back money to the banks and that gives them a higher credit score and makes them more trustworthy to the banks how to build credit if you're under 18 start by getting your parents or someone above the age of 18 to put you on a card as an authorized user you don't have to spend any money and they don't even have to give you the credit card by doing this you'll start to build a little bit of a relationship with the bank if you're a college student go out and get a student credit card right now no seriously pause this video go out and get the Discover student credit card or any other student credit card there is once you get it by at least one thing per month and pay it off immediately you're doing this again just to show the bank that you are a trustworthy borrower if you are above 18 and not a student and you don't have any credit then you're probably gonna have to get a secured credit card a secured credit card is kind of like a reloadable debit card the banks don't trust you yet but they're willing to see how you handle your money so they allow you to put some money in and use their card to buy things other potential cards you can get just have really low credit lines but that isn't a big deal right now because all we're doing at this age is showing the banks we're trustworthy okay so what the heck does any of this have to do with travel good question if you want to learn to travel for free credit card points are going to become a most powerful tool the higher your credit score the better travel rewards cards you can get and start earning those points to travel for free all right if you found this information helpful smash that subscribe button because I have a lot more information coming your way if you have a question leave a comment if you want to learn more grab my five steps to travel hacking cheat sheet right there otherwise you can also join my facebook group it's called travel Hagee Bhutto's or we have the most advanced discussion of Trowell hacking on the internet thanks