How To Book A Vacation On Credit Card Points

Hey guys it's Scott from Happiest Vlogs On Earth and today I'm finally going to be discussing points and miles – how to use them and pretty much a general overview on them I know a lot of you are somewhat familiar with points – you kind of know the basic concept of it, but you're not really sure how to use them

I know points can be kind of complicated There's a lot of articles out on them I'm gonna try to show you a more simple way of how it can get you your dream vacation or just a really luxury vacation at much lower cost by using points Points and miles are a rewards program launched by travel companies It's basically a way that can keep you lured to them, so for example you take a flight

You take a Delta flight and you earn miles for that flight Now you want to keep coming back to them because you want to keep on earning more and more miles so eventually you do get that free flight The reason why frequent flyer miles, hotel points, car rental points are really worth it is because it can give you that free flight, for example say you're staying at a Ritz Carlton Now if you have those points and miles you could stay there for free instead of a $600, $700, $800 a night room I mean add that times by a week I would much rather be staying on points for no cost

The first thing you should do is join a loyalty program First off, it's free And if you don't join it you can't start earning points, you can earn free flights you can't earn miles So at that point there's no loyalty involved so you're not gonna be rewarded for it at all So the three programs main loyalty programs that Jen and I use is of course the most obvious one Delta Airlines SkyMiles followed by Marriott Bonvoy, which I guess is short for bon voyage? not exactly sure There's a lot of talk on what it is really short for

And then the third one is Hertz car rentals We use Hertz Gold Club a lot, it's great All three of these programs are our daily/weekly use Since we use them at lease once a week There are many loyalty programs out there

American Airlines has them, Hilton has them Southwest Airlines has them There's many different ones out there and you really want to use the one that's most suited for you For example, we live in New York, so Delta airlines it's a major hub for us We're constantly flying in and out

Delta is an airline they fly almost everywhere we need to go direct That's a major reason, besides us just loving Delta, they're very convenient, but if you're someone who's coming from the southwest or you're in Dallas, American Airlines might be better for you or Southwest Airlines might be better for you so you really want to focus on like what airline flies from where you go to and what hotels are where you go to A lot of areas we go Marriott is the main hotel there and the nearest Hilton is 15 miles away So you want to do what makes sense for your daily use So it's really easy to join a loyalty program

I'm gonna show you right now how to join Delta SkyMiles program That is the number one we use most all the time because pretty much everywhere we need to go we have to fly We go to Disney, we're flying there We go anywhere, we're flying California

It''s really simple to join a loyalty program Right now I'm gonna show you how to join Delta SkyMiles So you're gonna go to delta

com and in the top right corner it's gonna have something where it says log in or sign up if you're already a SkyMiles member then just click log in and you're set to go If you're new, you're gonna hit sign up But what you're gonna do right now is you're gonna do all your basic info – your first name, last name, address Then it's gonna have you scroll down a little bit and you're gonna have to put some security questions in After that, you're gonna hit complete

Of course they're trying to get you to get their credit card Since I can't tell you when they don't put that pitch in And then after that you'll get your SkyMiles number Once you get your SkyMiles number you're gonna have your login info and you're ready to start earning points Right now I'm going to show you how to book your points if you already have points in your account

So for example we're gonna book JFK to LAX round-trip in July on main cabin So if you see right now the price of a main cabin seat is around five hundred thirty dollars give or take and a price of a Delta One seat is about thirteen hundred dollars Now these prices do fluctuate I've seen Delta One at $700 to $800 So I've seen it almost the same price as the main cabin so you always want to keep a lookout but it can go pretty high

So right now you're in the cash price If you're gonna book the cash price it's very important when you book it to make sure your SkyMiles number is in there and then you will earn miles and points on this flight However if you don't want to earn any miles and you want to just use your points, you're gonna go up to the top screen and you're to hit miles and now it's gonna show you what that flight cost in miles Now this is round trip prices so that's actually a really good deal $500 round trip and now it's only 31,000 miles round trip – that's not bad at all actually a pretty good price 124,000 miles is not terrible either for Delta One that does give you a lay-flat seat, which is a full bed Now this is round trip prices so not too bad and what you do is you just click it – you go through the prompts and the next thing you know you're flying to California

I'm gonna tell Jen we're going to California again Now you're gonna book your return trip As you see I did put this for two people because Jen doesn't know what we're going to LA soon Hopefully I've gotta plan that trip again

sixty-two thousand miles Not bad Twenty-two dollars in taxes you do have to pay taxes so even though points but this only cost you twenty dollars now this flight Tight there it's a reason why points and miles are great So this easy process is pretty much the same with other airlines similar to hotels, car rentals It's pretty much similar process across the board

Whichever one is worth it for you sign up for it Does it hurt to have signed up for all of them? Of course not because for example say you don't fly Delta but you like to fly Southwest or American Airlines Delta does offer flash sales, meaning as low as ten thousand miles you can fly from point A to point B but you'll only find out about that if you sign up because now you're getting emails from them One of the best ways to actually earn point is not by flying, not by staying in hotels It's by using credit cards and charge cards

You can use it on your everyday needs and it makes it much easier and faster and you could earn a lot more points by using credit cards So one of my favorite credit cards, which was actually restructured this year to an amazing earning rewards, is the gold card from American Express – it is truly a great charge card and it's very important to know the difference between a charge card and a credit card A credit card you can pretty much keep a balance going month to month and you have to make a minimum payment A charge card you have to pay it in full, the full balance, during the following statement So you don't want to charge anything more than you have to or that you can afford or else that could put some trouble

But it's great cause there's no interest so that's a big plus Now the gold card has a really good sign of bonus right now If you spend $2,000 in the first three months you get fifty thousand membership reward points Now the earning ratio for American Express is four points, for the gold card, is four points per dollar at grocery stores Now that is capped at twenty five thousand, so for the first twenty five thousand dollars you spend at grocery stores you are getting four points per dollar

So that you could earn a hundred thousand points just at the max before it caps out A hundred thousand points just at grocery stores Now unlimited and then after that it's one dollar per point So it's not like it stops ending – every double you spend you're still getting at least a dollar per point Now when it comes to restaurants you're always getting four points per dollar so right there alone this card has a great earning structure Now if you're someone who likes to book flights directly with the airline like we were just showing you, you can earn three points per dollar

Everywhere else that you don't get a bonus category, so you don't get a bonus category for example at gas stations anymore or just business transactions or just any daily transaction that's not in this category you do earn one point per dollar Remember there are terms and conditions with certain things, so almost everything applies but there's always just always read those terms and conditions There are also other benefits for example you get $10 statement credit for if you're dining at GrubHub which is nice that's basically a delivery service to your house – you get ten dollars a month right there in credits Shake Shack and a few other places participate in this you also get $100 for incidentals so for example you have $100 worth of baggage fees you will get that $100 back So this card does cost $250 [per year] but now you're getting $120 off for the food, so right there you just subtracted $120 and now you're getting you're also subtracting another $120 on the incidentals

So right there alone there's almost no fee for this card Then once you add the earning ratios into it, forget it you're gonna be making money off of it and you just got yourself a vacation So how do you use your points from American Express? Well it's gonna be a little bit different because they're not hooked up directly into your fire account or SkyMiles account So what you're gonna do with that rate is American Express has many travel partners, for example Delta Marriott hotels, British Airways, and other different airlines and hotels and car rentals and you could transfer your points directly from American Express to that loyalty brand So for example the SkyMiles number – you're gonna take your SkyMiles number and you're gonna link it to American Express

Once you link it you can transfer those points over from American Express Membership Rewards portal over and then transfer them to your Delta account or any of their other partners that American Express can transfer to Now it's also very important because you want to know what the ratio is So for example Delta for every thousand points you transfer from American Express to Delta you're getting a thousand square miles Sometimes it's a little different Some airlines might be 250 points get converted to 200 miles so you want to keep that in check and you want to just to make sure it's a good value which usually it is

It's still getting you a free trip down the road Every so often American Express actually does bonuses or instead of maybe $1,000 to 1,000 [points], it will be $1,000 that gets converted to 1,500 miles and right there you're getting a better deal already Option two is you could book your flights directly from American Express but that is using a third party Same thing with the hotel For example, somtimes if you book directly through American Express, your loyalty status at the hotel won't be recognized because you are using a third party So you want to be careful with that

I always recommend transferring it over and then for example say you want to fly an airline that's partnered with Delta You can actually transfer your miles over to Delta and book that airline directly from Delta So there's a lot of good ways to do this and a lot of ways you could really maximize that point value One other thing you just want to keep in mind – Delta for the most part you transfer it's pretty instant but there are some airlines and hotels that it can take up to three to four days to transfer over So don't wait til the last second

Do yourself a favor Yeah there's a ton of credit cards out there and you just want to make sure you do the one that's that's appropriate for you So like American Express is great for us because you transfer to Delta but I also love the Chase Sapphire Reserve card because they also have great earning ratio and if you're someone who has to fly Southwest or Unite, that's a transfer partner of Chase So that's another key factor you want to make sure that the bank that you're using these credit cards with, you want to see who their transfer partners are with For example like if you're gonna fly Southwest or United you might want to put your money towards Chase more and not American Express

Remember this is always subject to change and airlines and banks are making new deals every day The Chase Sapphire Reserve card is also one of my everyday cards because the earning ratio is just so good – three points per dollar on all dining That's fast food, that's restaurants Not grocery stores but all fast food and all restaurants with no cap So right there it's a really good deal then you also get three points on all transportation

When I say transportation, I'm talking Uber, Lyft, trains, toll plazas, parking garages legitimately anything that has to do with transportation Again with no cap

Now this card is a credit card so you can transfer your balance month to month at a high rate Remember when your rates are getting too high now you're starting to negate the point value It is a $450 annual fee However, you get $300 in travel rebates or travel reimbursement So now you just knock it down to a $150 card

Now with American Express, they are a little bit stricter You have to use it for incidentals more However with Chase, you can use it for your tickets so $300 right off your ticket like that Chase Reserve – definitely a good card to go for if you want that $300 American Express – great for grocery stores though

Another good part to do with the Chase card, the reserve card, is you get a lot of different benefits and protections For example your primary car rentals insurance So every time you go and rent a car and they're trying to get you for twenty bucks a day for liability insurance car insurance, your answer is nope You pay with that card – Chase covers it You'll just make sure in terms and conditions, you want to see how much the value

If you're renting a $150,000 car or an exotic [car], I'm not sure they're gonna cover that But if you're renting a $40,000 – $30,000 car, you're covered You also get Global Entry Jen and I constantly talk about how we have Pre Check/Global Entry It's $100 for every five years

Chase basically gives that to you You pay with the card and you get that hundred dollars back, so that's free So there's another hundred dollars you just took off at least once every five years You just took $100 off the card Other benefits that you get are trip and delay, lost baggage, some other goods stuff thrown in there

You get concierge service Basically you want to call them up, they can make a reservation for you We've actually used it before like we've tried calling a restaurant out of town that's completely booked – sold out Next thing you know, I tried the concierge I'm like let me just see

They got us in They got us in for the reservation so If you fail, you never know, the credit card might be able to get you in

Now the sign up bonus is also good – it's fifty thousand points However you do have to spend $4,000 When it comes to transferring the points over, it's the same, very similar to American Express Like I said in the beginning, you could transfer to Southwest, United, Marriott And I know there's a lot with these credit cards

There's a lot of different credit cards out there I have over 10 credit cards – each one is used for different things For example Sky Club access for my elite status things There's just so many different ones and I will do many different videos on those – will explain a little bit more in depth I'll explain how to get elite status

I am a top tier diamond with Delta which just which is the highest, hardest to get that's not an invitation and that basically gives me a lot of upgrades and I love it But there's a lot of different cards out there that can really help you when you get to stay like we did at the Ritz Carlton in Los Angeles our Dana Point completely for free or like our Paris videos, we just got upgraded to a one-bedroom suite all on points All we had to do is pay for food and taxes on it You can't beat it So it's like why would you not want to use credit cards every single day? Just be respectable with it, make sure you pay your balance off

Treat it like cash If you treat it like cash, you're not gonna put yourself in a bad position And I personally don't believe in cash Jen used to strictly use a debit card, then I yelled at her Now she's not allowed to use a debit card anymore because you're wasting money

When you can get a free vacation for every day spend – utility bills, rent you can use companies like Plastic to pay your rent on there There's fees but it can outweigh it at the point value is more to you

Like I said, utility bills, food shopping, everything Don't use cash because even if you can't get this in the first year, maybe it's two years worth of spending Even if you have a family of four or five and you could pay for two or three on points – you just made something that was impossible to come possible now Maybe you had to get to the lowest level [hotel] room – now with points, you can get a higher level room There's ways to apply a certain amount of points to a cash stay that now you could pay half your trip on points half your trip on cash

It just makes life a lot better and makes dream vacations coming true or makes a vacation period come true Maybe you don't want to go on vacation Maybe you want to go visit family on the other side of the world or country and you couldn't afford to go there With points maybe now you can afford to go once a year/once every other year/every few years It makes life a little bit easier

It makes it where Jen and I can do a lot of trips on points We fly constantly to Florida, California on points Europe on points I'll give a whole tutorial on how we flew that amazing Lufthansa flight basically for free So there's a lot of different benefits that come with it besides just the points and we really do recommend it

Hey, you can even stay on Disney property for points Now I'm not saying a Disney hotel Unless you're doing DVC, but you could stay at the Swan and Dolphin Points and credit cards are definitely good We're gonna put some links below listing it

We're gonna do some links if you want the link for the Gold card, the reserve card If you have other questions like I'll give a video on the Platinum card, the reserve card, how to gain access to Delta Sky Club – that's actually another thing that I forgot to mention that these cards come with They come with priority lounge, which priority lounge isn't as good as it used to be, but it still gets you access to certain lounges and American Express has the Centurion lounge, which is popping up now in a lot of airports that you can get access to with the gold card You have to pay for it, however with the platinum and centurion car, which is the black card, you can get away with it for free You can go in there

So if you guys want to hear more videos on this and we're learning about elite status and more things for credit cards – comment below and if you guys have any recommendations that you like to do or you have travel hacks or real good ideas that you guys used to do points or ways that you transfer points comment below because I always like to learn more also Guys if you like what you heard today and you like all of our videos, whether it's point videos, Disney vlogging, Europe, Paris – hit that subscribe button because it's gonna be a lot more videos including our daily life that's starting to pop up a lot more now and hit that like button and hit that bell so you don't miss anything See you later guys! Jen: So are we going [to California]? Thats a great deal! Do you realize how good that deal is? We're going I'm gonna book that $1,000? I haven't seen it that cheap