How to Apply for a Credit Card Online

Welcome to this Royal Bank video guide where we'll talk you through what you need to apply for a credit card with us Before we get started just a wee heads up it's important that you fully understand our range of credit cards and are comfortable with their benefits, features and important costs before you make a decision to apply

You can find all that good stuff at rbscouk/creditcards Once you've made sure you meet the eligibility criteria and you've understood the costs we want you to be prepared for the online application process and that's what we'll talk to you through in this video Before you start make sure you have enough time to complete the whole application

You'll be happy to know the process doesn't take too long You'll need between 10 and 15 minutes to complete your application and you'll know whether you've been accepted or not within about 5 minutes So the process doesn't take too long As well as having the time set aside you should also check you have a stable internet connection and enough battery left in your device before you get cracking There's nothing worse than being cut off halfway through

All checked? Great you're in a goo place to get started In the first part of the application we will confirm some basic stuff like your name, date of birth and ask you where you live You should be prepared with a note of your addresses for the last three years You'll then be asked for some detail on your monthly income after tax If you're employed that will normally be the figure that ends up in your bank account, but you should make sure that you have an accurate figure to hand before you start

We want to understand a bit more about your monthly commitments Here we'll ask what you pay towards your monthly rent or mortgage payments as well as some details of any other financial commitments you might have After we've asked you for information on your income and outgoings we will then undertake a full credit search We will use details from the credit search alongside the information you provide to give you an instant decision in most cases, but there are some cases where we might need to ask you for some more information We'll let you know during the process if we need this

If you're declined we'll provide you with some details on why that might have happened and give you some information on what you should do to find out more If you're accepted we will then take you through all the important information including the credit agreement The good news is that you can sign the credit agreement online Once that's done you'll have a card out in the post within 5 to 7 working days so there's not too long to wait So that's an overview of what's involved

Let's recap: addresses for the last three years, monthly income after tax, accurate monthly commitments We hope you find this guide useful and remember if you want full details of our credit card range then visit rbscouk/creditcards Bye for now!