How to Add Credit Card to Safari AutoFill on iPhone or iPad

Hey everyone I'm Max Dalton, and in this video I'm going to show you how to add your credit card information to AutoFill on your Apple iPhone or iPad so it can be automatically populated on websites viewed in the Safari web browser

Tapping out your credit card number every time you opt to pay for something on a website in the Safari web browser on your iPhone or iPad gets annoying However, with recent updates from Apple, you can enable the AutoFill feature to be used to store your credit card information in addition to your address information With the feature enabled and your card added, you'll be prompted to let Safari automatically populate your credit card number whenever you tap inside of a field where your card information is being requested Enabling the AutoFill feature for your credit card and adding your information can be done in a couple of minutes Step 1

Tap the "Settings" app on your Apple iPhone or iPad The Settings screen is displayed Step 2 Scroll down the screen until you see Safari, and then tap "Safari" The Safari screen appears

Step 3 Tap "AutoFill" in the General section The AutoFill screen appears Step 4 Tap the toggle to the righ t of Credit Cards to enable the ability to store credit card information in Safari AutoFill

The toggle will be enabled when the cirlce moves to the right side of the slider and the toggle background turns green Step 5 Select "Saved Credit Cards" The Credit Cards screen appears Step 6

Tap "Add Credit Card" on the screen The Add Credit Card screen appears Step 7 Input your cardholder name, card number, card expiration date, and a description for this card Tap "Done" in the upper right corner of the screen

You'll be returned to the Credit Cards screen, where you'll now see the credit card you just added displayed at the top of the screen Now, the next time you tap inside of a field prompting you for a credit card number, an AutoFill Credit Card option will appear on the lower part of your screen, giving you the option to automatically insert your saved credit card number