How Much YouTube Paid Me For a 1 Million+ Viewed Video 😱

– Mom, you'd be so proud I'm a YouTuber! – Hercules, Hercules, Hercules

– Maybe that is something you don't tell your parents, but check this out I'm 40 years old right now, and I am loving YouTube I'm actually loving all of you, watching my videos, commenting, giving me inspiration to create more content for you And one of the cool things about being a YouTuber is when you have a video that goes viral – It is Wednesday, my dudes

(screeching) – Now, chances are you have seen a viral video, whether it was some stupid pet trick; ♪ Dance, dancin' ♪ (techno music) – Or some poor soul that fell and smacked his face and you knew that it hurt (grunts) (laughing) But one of the common questions that people want to know, not so much how did the video go viral, but how much did that person make How much did that person that uploaded that video to YouTube, how much money, how many dollar bills did they actually bring in – Show me the money (cheering) (hip hop music) Well today, I'm going to show you exactly how much money I got paid to the penny for my most watched YouTube video that went semi-viral

We're gonna find out what that is right now (upbeat music) What's up y'all? My name is Jeff Rose Welcome to Wealth Hacker TV This is my channel where I'm teaching people a new way to grow wealth that wasn't taught to you by your parents or in school and today we're talking about YouTube videos In particular, viral videos

Now I've gotta give a shout-out to a fellow YouTuber that did a similar video just like this His name is Graham Stephan, Steven, Stephan Graham, my bad if I mispronounced your last name – What's up you guys? It's Graham here – So Graham is a real estate agent, real estate investor

And he has an awesome channel He's built up an amazing following in a short amount of time and recently he had a video go viral Now his video was unboxing this special credit card, I think a JP Morgan credit card that only wealthy people are supposed to get

And I don't really know all the ins and outs about this credit card other than you have to have like ten million dollars in a wealth account or something to get access to it Awesome flex, bro, by the way I have the Chase Sapphire card Is this like as good as your JP

Morgan? I've got, I think a $10,000 limit And the funny thing about this video is that Graham even admitted it wasn't the greatest quality video I mean, all he was doing was unboxing, like opening the credit card There are different times where the credit card, I guess unboxing, was out of focus – Like, I don't have any weird superpowers or anything, like you could obviously tell from my lack of ability to get a focused shot of the credit card unboxing

– But I think there is just some intrigue with the title and the credit card itself I mean, for me personally, I had never heard of the credit card, so I was intrigued to watch it But I don't think he expected it to go viral Now, at the time of this recording, that video has over 13 million views

And that's what we call viral legit Now what was really fun about that video is that Graham did a follow-up video to show you and I how much he made from that viral video Now I'm gonna have a link to both of those videos in the description below, so please check out those two videos and subscribe to his channel, because he has some amazing content So I thought what I would do is share what my most watched viral video made Now, quick disclaimer

My video did not get over one million views in the short amount of time that Graham's did Mine took a few months to get there, but it does have over 17 million views as of right now So I'm gonna show you how much it made from the beginning to today and how long it took to get to that one million view mark So how much does a 1

7 million view video make on YouTube? Well, we're gonna go behind the scenes and look right now Alright, so if we look at what is the most popular video, if we click over in the video tab Then select the sort by most popular, it's no doubt that the passive income video, Passive Income Ideas: 11 Proven Ways to Make Money While you Sleep Right now it's 17 million views

Just to give you some info on this So this was published back in September 2017 The thing has been alive for just over a year now So that– But here's the kind of fun thing So let's go back– Now let's look into actually analytics

So prior to this, I know I had maybe one or two videos that had surpassed 200,000 views, but to be over one million was a huge thing for me Now the one difference between my video and Graham's video was that his achieved one million views in a much shorter time We'll have to find out here exactly how long it took me to do one million views I think it took me maybe a month or two But if we check and just look at some of the analytics

So here's this video This is the last 28 days Let's go over the last year And we can see exactly how this thing started to perform Alright, so you can see the last year, so here you can see the video went live and this is in minutes, let's go to views so you can actually see

877 views 459 views 793 views So at this point in time, I'm pumped because prior to this, I don't think I had a video that was getting that many views so quickly, so I'm jazzed I'm doing cartwheels, jumping jacks, all that fun stuff

Then all of a sudden, boom There's this October the 1st, 4,300 views And then went another one, there's a big spike So October the 6th, 22,000 views Once again, we're not looking at one million views in a short amount of time, but still I don't exactly where I crossed the million mark but it was somewhere I think later on

The beginning part of 2018 But just to kind of give you an idea, this is what– was it a quote-unquote viral viral video? For me it was I'm still waiting for the one that Graham has experienced and other YouTubers experience So that was last year Let's look over the last 365 days

So now that we're going back to November so we're not seeing that initial spike, so then we had another big spike in January little spike there in April and it's been, I mean you can see now it's been trending downwards but somewhere along the way is when we crossed that million views Now to kind of give you an idea, YouTube ads is something that I never really even focused on or cared about Well that is until all of a sudden it started actually being some real money But first let me look at how much does– and then we'll come back Let's actually just look at the overall channel

I'm wanna go, so let's take this one out and now we're gonna look at the overview Alright, so you can see this is over the last 365 days, the ad revenue from my channel's made just over $75,000 To kind of give you a rough idea, and you can see we trended downward a little bit here, I know why And I'll explain that in another video But you can see roughly how much per day anywhere from that one's $473, on the lower side there's $153, $200 here in November

So it gives you a rough idea how much we're making on the channel, and here you can actually see here in the last year the passive income video has made $10,000 So now let's go over the lifetime of that Let's see, probably have to choose a date So let's go So we said November, right? November, oh I'm sorry September I mean I think it was published on the 14th

Apply Boom So this video published September the 14th 2017 has made in ad revenue and we can use either column or just use the bigger one here $13,88434 so that's how much it has made Now obviously there are other revenue opportunities with affiliates on this video, and I don't have those numbers handy, but I just wanna focus on the YouTube ad revenue

But still it's kinda fun right So published this video and don't really promote it all that much You know I've inserted it onto a blog post on my site and we've taken it down, put it back, we've been testing some SEO stuff on the blog, so the majority of the search, actually, let's actually find out, is mostly from YouTube So let's look at traffic sources So all, let's look at views

So once again this is the passive income video so the 17 million views Looking at percentages, views So suggested videos we're at 45% Browse is 39%

YouTube search 67% I'm not really even sure what other YouTube features what that is But if you look at external, so that's only 26%, and click on that traffic source you can see that my blog is 35% of that small percent whatever that was

So 35% of the 26% is my site Which is kinda fun, because if you pull this up I probably need to pull this in an incognito window but kinda going off a tangent here, but if you type in passive income, you got a ad, listen money matters, Ray podcast, Robert from College Investors number two, I used to be in front of him, thanks Robert So I'm number three there And we've been number one, we've been number two, I think recently we just dropped down to number three

But anyway, kinda side note But just wanted to show you traffic sources, where that's coming from Now, I thought what Graham did a really good job too is just showing how much is this making in comparison to other videos like as far as like different niches and my channel, I talk about online business I talk about investing, those are probably my prime two things I talk about entrepreneurship Those videos typically haven't performed all that well on YouTube Like I said it's been fun to see what this video could do how it's done

Now if I were to take this one step further, just to increase the revenue– One thing I always try to do with newer videos is I mention say passive income or my passive income video, I'm always linking back to this video as the infocard And just recently had my assistant start dropping the link in the description because a lot of my viewers have asked for that, so we've been doing that here recently So anytime we mention the older video, we make sure to include that also in the description But that has just helped to give this video continued life Eventually it's going to be outdated, there's going to be better passive income videos I'll be releasing an updated passive income video, but either way to make $13,000, $13,884

34 to be exact over the lifetime of this video Once again this is a video I published one time I think it took me probably, I'm gonna guess 30 maybe 45 minutes to record An editor took care of it, did all the editing, published it, bam I was done

And now you know how much I made from a one million view video, actually a video close to over two million views Now one thing that Graham pointed out on his video which I'll share again is that we are both in the finance niche, and in the money space, the personal finance niche, investing niche You're going to make a lot more on your ad revenue than you would if you were a gaming channel, or if you were a family channel Or a toy unboxing channel And I found this out with my blog, you know with my blog being in the personal finance, investing space, I access to higher paying affiliates

A lot of the banner ads that I was running or some of the ad networks I was working with, the CPM, the payout rates were so much higher My wife when she was really focused with her mom blog, her lifestyle blog, I would see what her rates were compared to mine, and it was usually three times, four times as much than what she was making So I expected to see this in the personal finance space So if you have a video that potentially goes viral and it's one of those funny videos of your kids dancing or somebody falling and smacking their face, you might make some money, but you're not gonna make as much if you had a investing video that went viral, or a personal finance video that went viral Either way, I hope that you're able to see what does it look like behind the scenes on what people make from YouTube videos to get a rough idea how much they're making on their videos, and maybe some inspiration to either create your own channel or create some different content for a channel if you already have one that exists today

Now the one thing I would tell you that I found the most interesting about that video, my passive income video, is that I've only had one other video that has surpassed one million views I have several other that are in the half a million mark, but I haven't been able to replicate that since, and honestly I don't quite get it yet I'm still trying to figure that out I've been looking at other channels, trying to dissect and understand, why did that video go viral, and why did Graham's video go viral and yet I haven't been able to replicate that and if you have the answer for me, let me know Because I would love to have more videos surpass that one million mark

But I know it's going to happen because once again, I love doing this I love YouTube I love the video content I just love this platform so that's why I keep coming back doing more So I hope you enjoyed this video

If you have any suggestions, any comments, any video comments that you want me to do, video ideas that you want me to do That's what I'm here for I'm here to please To serve To educate

Anything I can do to motivate you to take charge of your financial life Alright, y'all I appreciate you checking out this video For more, be sure to subscribe Until next time this is Jeff Rose reminding you that it's your money, it's your life, and only you can make it awesome