How do I charge a virtual credit card?

To charge a virtual credit card for a reservation that was paid for online, start by clicking on the 'Reservations' tab in your extranet You can find reservations for which you'd like to charge a virtual credit card by using the 'search' box or by adjusting the date range in your reservations schedule

Reservations that were paid for online, will be marked 'paid online' in the status column You'll also see a 'virtual card' label under the total price column Once you've found the correct reservation, click the guest's name or the reservation number This will take you to the reservation details page Under the 'Guest Payment Overview' section, you'll be able to see the status of your virtual credit card and its total balance

If there are any charges that weren't collected and need to be paid by guests at the property, you'll see these below the guest payment overview When you're ready to charge the virtual card, click on 'view credit card details' You'll need to enter your username and password On the next page, you'll be able to see the virtual card's status and other important details such as available balance, account number, expiry date and CVC code To charge the virtual credit card for the reservation amount, all you need to do is enter these details into your POS machine

If you're still having trouble charging your virtual credit card, click on 'learn more' for helpful resources including frequently asked questions You can also visit the partner help centre for more information