How Credit Cards are Cheaper than Cash

Cash is king and credit cards are bad: reminds of my grandma keeping all her cash under the mattress because she didn’t trust banks.

How Credit Cards are Cheaper than Cash

1. Cash is King: Why?
Example: Parents saying cash will always be king today and tomorrow, however, most of them lack a proper credit score. So they lack the ability to do anything.
But the real meaning comes from: people choosing to keep cash on hand until investment become lower in price. And business having a reserve of cash in case of emergencies.

It has nothing to do with credit cards or debit cards or any of that stuff.

2. Rewards
Example: If I spend 1000 bucks a month on average by the end of the year, I have only spent 12k
But if I spend 12k on a credit card: by the end of the year if I got back at least 3% back then I got $360 ( and sometimes I get 5% for $600 and a free vacation)

Argument: No one gets rich with credit card rewards
When has anyone gotten rich by spending with cash, debit or even checks
The Example is irrelevant and then the person that gave it is risk aversive.
Results: I Open one new credit card a year with a bonus of 750, and if I spend 12k and get back 5% then that an addition 600 bucks for a total: $1,350. That’s what I call a free vacation ( and a new Xbox)

3. Debt and interest with credit cards
Example: Tommy credit cards are bad, don’t use them. You’ll go into debt and you’ll pay interest. ( oh and if you pay the minimum you’ll be done 7 years, don’t do it )

Solution: Pay your credit card in full and don’t buy things you can afford.

What I do: All my expenses are on auto-pay, that what all the walking around cash I need per week is $60 bucks, and rarely even spend that much.

Extreme side to it: if you have an addictive personality: it’s not a life long thing man. Just work on improving by practising and building good habits.

4. Safety & convenience
Example: My grandma got robbed once: she was coming from the bank because she didn’t trust them and had liquidated her savings of 34.96, they robbed her and this was a tough loss for the family. Im talking about the money, my grandma is still alive don’t worry.
– She went back to bank and asked them to track the cash, they said, man, you’re talking about paper made out of wood and we do not have a GPS for that.

Same day: I also got robbed and they took everything from me, they took my wallet and favourite keygen.
– They use my credit card to buy chipotle in Mexico, so I reported it and the bank ran an investigation and returned all the money to my account.
Till this day my grandma is still working on a cash Gps

Real pros:
– Fraud protections
– Extended warranty
– 24 hours of customer service
– No need to carry cash

5. Build credit with it
Example: Again after recovering from the $34.96, my grandma family got enough money for a down paying for a house. She had 10k . and I also save 10k

Only one difference: I have 744 credit score and 100% good payment history and secure income.
My grandma: doesn’t have any credit.
– Till this day, shes still savings

Overall: cash is cool but credit cards give you a solid way to prepare for the future, and if done correctly you can use them for 100% free.





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