Groomsmen Gifts | Credit Card Bottle Opener and Paddle Bottle Openers

I'm gonna run through a couple more of the bottle opener options that we've got over on our Groomsmen Central site Bottle openers are a classic go-to for groomsmen gifts — it seems like they never go out of style and there's so many different options for the types you can get how you can personalize them and all that kind of stuff that they make great standalone gifts or if you're going with one of the lower price ones they make a nice addition to whatever else you might be getting for the members of your wedding party so we'll start with these paddle or a bar blade style bottle openers these are real popular among bartenders because you can slip them in your back pocket or hang them from a hook or anything like that and if you watch you if you look on YouTube there's all kinds of videos floating around of people showing different tricks on how they can use these to open seven beers in three seconds and stuff like that so nice and a nice and simple gift but these are classied up a little bit by the the leather wrap around each one so you can see we've got them in either this rustic brown color or in black both of them have the contrast stitching it's leatherette material it has the the look and feel of leather except the benefit of it won't rot like leather and it's you if it gets dirty you can just wipe it with a wet a wet paper towel and it'll clean up the spots and it won't absorb or show water rings over time over time if you choose custom engraving on these you can get an idea there of what the engraving looks like it comes out with a real nice look on it so you see the engraving kind of in in black or in a smoke color with almost on the brown one almost a brass or a gold color outline around each one and on the the black one you see a little bit of a silver outline just based on what's underneath the the initial layer or the surface layer of the leatherette that gets burned off when our laser engraves them so with these you can engrave one or two lines of text so you could do something like initials best man or you could do name a quote or you know initials groomsmen something like that or just keep things simple and go with one line of text and have it nice and large so those are our paddle bottle openers available again and rustic brown color as well as a black leatherette finishes the credit card bottle openers make it nice and simple addition if you're looking for for something kind of lower-priced and easy to to include with the rest of your wedding party gifts and something that people can carry with them at any time it's these things are only about just over a millimeter thick so it slips into into your wallet at about the thickness of maybe two credit cards so it's not too difficult to carry around with you at all times or you can also you know hang it from a hook or attach a magnet to the back of it and stick it to your refrigerator but same size and shape roughly as a credit card with a notch here for your prying off your beer bottle caps and you can fit about four lines of text on there in your choice of eight different fonts that we have on our website so you could put initials name title where the wedding is wedding date any of that other information we also got them available in black also in stainless steel so I don't have any grave sample with that at the moment but you can do these credit card bottle openers in either classic stainless steel or in the black finish