Fundamentals of Card Payment – Presentation

Welcome to this quick presentation video of our course on the fundamentals of card payment Hi, my name is Hervé, and I'm the instructor for this course

I have 10 years of strong, technical experience in the card payment industry I worked in companies like Gemalto, Oberthur, UL and an EMV security lab I worked on many aspects of the ASTREX payment simulator, now owned by UL, which can simulate all the elements of the payment chain So I gained in-depth knowledge of how all the different payment protocols work, but because I was often on clients' sites around the world, I also gained a good knowledge of how things are actually implemented in the field And that's the experience I'm sharing with this course

The card payment industry is an interesting space, but it can be difficult sometimes to get the right information in order to build a mental picture of how all the pieces interact This course was designed to help people who are new to this space get their bearings It is crucial, when you're part of a team, that everyone shares the same fundamental concepts It's a necessary step to start building something together And that's what this course brings

We look at a number of pieces of the card payment space, and we stay at a high level, but we explain them enough to make sure that your team speaks the same payment language After taking this course, you'll understand the big picture There are different players with different roles and expectactions, and it's important that you understand that You'll get a high-level view of technical concepts used in card payment, like cryptography You'll get familiar with the technology used for card payment

You'll understand the complexity of processing transactions on a global scale And you'll know what is expected for compliance and certification And those are 2 different things Here's what's in it for you You'll learn from an expert

Believe me, everything I teach, I've done so many times I could do with my eyes closed You'll build your initial knowledge, so you can start your upward momentum As you increase your skills, your organization will allow you to work on more interesting projects, and you'll get more skills It's a virtuous circle, and this course is a good place to get the initial spark This is an e-learning course, so you can progress at your own speed and on your own schedule

It should take about 2 hours to complete this course, but you can take it over a longer period, make it fit your schedule The course is taught in a manner understandable by non-experts There are no prerequisites And you'll get a certificate when you complete the course This is an introductory course, so the target audience is larger than for our in-depth courses

This one will bring value to technical staff, but also to their managers and to executives Essentially, anyone who is new to the card payment space Thank you for watching this video If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us through the Contact menu or by e-mail at team@paytech-academycom