FSC, ruling party unveil measures to cut card transaction fees to reduce burden on small businesses

thank he was always one O'odham for the world news there now closer to home the South Korean government in the ruling Democratic Party has announced a new set of measures to reduce credit card transaction fees to lessen the financial burden on small business owners after a meeting Monday officials from the Financial Services Commission and the ruling party said they looked into the cost of credit card transaction fees and found they could save up to 12 billion u

s dollars in costs they said the amount will be reduced in a way that will mainly benefit the self-employed and small businesses credit card transaction fees for small business owners who register above some four hundred forty thousand dollars in yearly sales will be cut from the current two point zero five percent to just one point four percent those who register sales above eight hundred eighty thousand dollars will see their fees drop to one point six percent from the current 2-point to one percent