FREE Credit Card Consultation Service | We Can Help You Find the Right Card & Program

Hey, how’s it going everyone? It’s Ernest from Trip Astute Since we started the channel, we’ve often received credit card questions and even requests for recommendations

I’ve tried my best to answer questions via emails and in the comments, but I wanted to announce a more formal and comprehensive way for us to help you find the right credit card for your travel goals We’re now offering a free credit card consultation through our website The service is completely free and is hopefully another way that we can provide you with additional value The process is basically 4 steps Step 1: Fill out our questionnaire We ask questions around your background, travel preferences, credit profile, and the cards you may already have or have had in the past

The questionnaire might seem a bit long, but we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible with multiple choice questions and visuals Step 2: Schedule a 15-minute call Once you complete the questionnaire, you’ll get a link to schedule a 15-minute call on our calendar The call is meant to confirm information from your questionnaire and allow us to ask any follow-up questions Step 3: Receive your recommendation

Within 24 hours of your call, you’ll receive a recommendation report Step 4: Apply our recommendation That’s the fun part It’s that easy Though as with anything, there are a few disclaimers that I want to share

1 The service is only available for US residents: We would love to help our audience members from outside the US However, to be completely frank, we don’t have the knowledge or visibility to advise on non-US offers Perhaps that will change in the future, but for now, we’re only able to provide advice on US offers 2

We are not financial planners or advisors: Any advice or recommendation is purely our opinion We think you’ll love your recommendation, but you should always do your own research It will help you become more knowledgeable, especially as you get deeper into this hobby 3 We do include our offer links in the recommendation: These offer links won’t cost you anything extra but helps to support us

We’re not trying to be tricky by providing these links We just ask that you consider using them if you found our service useful There's absolutely no pressure to use our links We strive to consistently provide value to you through our services and content, so if you want to help support us, we would greatly appreciate it We hope you give the service a try

I know that getting into credit cards and points and miles can be confusing, so our goal is to help make the process easier We want you to find the right rewards program and currency to help make your personal travel and financial goals a reality If you have any questions, feel free to reach out Until next time, travel safe and travel smart