Flipkart Debit Card EMI Full details in Hindi ¦ Banks and Criteria for Debit card emi | Eligibility.

Hello Friends In this video we will learn about Flipkart Debit Card EMI What is Flipkart Debit Card EMI How do Use it And if we buy goods from the Debit Card EMI And buy Emi pay with the credit card, Friends, too many people have to say that they are not being told here So why is this happening So let's know guys First of all, friends, if you want to buy Product from Flipkart on debit card EMI Service You have only 4 banks whose debit card can Use here

Which kind of bank are you guys Which kind of bank are you guys The first bank is Axis Bank, the second bank is HDFC Bank the third ICICI Bank and the fourth is SBI bank Means State Banks of India If you have any debit card for any of these four banks Then, You can buy any Product on EMI with debit card From Flipkart So, friends now talk that if you have a debit card from any of these four banks, Then, How will you check whether your card is eligible or not for Debit Card EMI? Friends, for that you first need to know which mobile number in your debit card Is registered On Which mobile no Your debit card Message comes On that mobile no You have to send a message "DCEMI" to 57575 by typing As soon as you send the message, the reply will come under 24 hours Will be told in reply to the friends Whether You Eligible or not for EMI If you are eligible, then how much will you get the credit In this way you can check whether your card is Eligible or not So this is the talk of friends Eligible or Non-Eligible Now talk that you have both debit card and a credit card Both are Eligible for EMI, Then Which One is best to Use Whenever you buy product with credit card, you have to pay extra charges But if you buy any product from the debit card, then you will not be charged any processing fees No Extra fee you have to pay In this way, you can buy any product without paying any extra charges The second benefit is that if you have 10000 limit on your credit card, then you will be able to purchase 10000 goods But In DEbit Card EMI no any condition Like This If in your Debit Card Balance not available then also you can use EMI iption Now it comes to the fact that many people are being told here as " not ellegible" Why is this happening This is happening because the flipkart here gives Products only on EMI Payment He does not check here that your card is Eligible or not Checking this is Bank's job And whenever you message DCEMI with this, the bank looks your statement Looks at your average balance, how much balance your bank holds And after seeing these two guys, if the bank is benefiting from your debit card Only then he tells you here Eligible and gives credit limit So friends Now you understand that Wht is Flipkart Debit Card EMI? How can you use it And what should be the eligibility for this So friends, if you like this video then you can subscribe to our channel And if you find anything bad in this video You make a comment against this video So that we can improve our next video