Fifth Third Credit Card – Trio Credit Card Review vs Capital One Savor Card

– Hi, today I'm reviewing the Fifth Third Trio Rewards card It's a card I actually have

So if you want to know more about this card and whether it's right for you, stick around (ethereal music) Hi, today I'm gonna be talking about the Trio Rewards credit card from Fifth Third bank, and why I think it's a great all around credit card to have especially if you are the type of person that does not want to have a lot of credit cards in the wallet, this one does a lot So, let's go to the review First thing is that there is no annual fee with this card, so that's a definite perk The Fifth Third Trio card is called the Trio card because it offers 3%, 2%, 1% cash back

3% cash back rewards at restaurants, 2% cash back rewards on gas stations and at grocery stores, including drug stores, and 1% unlimited cash back on all your other purchases Recently Capital One released the Savor card, and that card actually earns 4% cash back on dining purchases At the time when I applied for the Fifth Third Trio card, the Capital One Savor also was only offering 3% cash back So I want people to know watching this channel that actually, now that you can get the 4% cash back, a higher rate of return on the Capital One Savor card Even though the Capital One Savor card offers 4% cash back on dining, it does not offer 2% cash back on gas station and drug store purchases like the Fifth Third Bank Trio Reward card offers

I get really detailed about credit cards And most of that has to do with my website creditfastcom I have an in depth review, pros and cons, of the Fifth Third Trio Rewards card So if you want to check that out, just visit creditfast

com Either click up here, and you'll be directed or you can just go to creditfastcom, and in the search box, type in trio, and hit enter, and you'll get there So if you click on the search result here, it will take you straight to the article So, a great thing about the Fifth Third Trio Rewards card is that it offers a sign up bonus

So if you want to know what the specific sign up bonus is for the time that you're watching this video, do visit my review article, and you'll see that there is a link to different cash back credit cards, and you can see what the current promotion offer is Fifth Third Bank is located in 10 states, and there could be a branch location near you These are the security features offered by the Fifth Third Bank Trio Rewards Mastercard Before having this card, I would earn 2% cash back on my dining and only for the third quarter with the Discover card I would then, I could earn 5% So I wanted a credit card that I would have a higher rate of rewards on dining any time of the year

Since the main value of having the Fifth Third Trio Rewards card is that you earn a higher rate or rewards on dining, I'd also like to mention that I did a video recently on the dining rewards network So if you use the Trio Rewards card alongside the dining rewards network program, you're going to be earning even more reward points faster So, if you're interested in learning more, it's free and very easy to sign up Signing up for the rewards network program is fairly straightforward, and most people use it to earn more frequent flyer miles from their airline program One thing that Fifth Third Trio Rewards offers that the Capital One Savor card does not is ShopRunner

And ShopRunner is a great program that offers fast shipping and free shipping I haven't signed up for it only because I have an American Express card and American Express card also offers this program So if you're not sure, check with your credit card company to see if ShopRunner is available to you As well as offering multiple ways to earn cash back rewards, you can also consider the Fifth Third Bank Trio Rewards credit card a travel card It offers many travel benefits including charging no foreign transaction fees when you are overseas

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