Eno from Capital One: Virtual card Numbers

– You ready? – One sec Just finishing up

– What's that? – It's Eno – Eno? I thought that was a way to text your bank? – Well, yeah, I mean, I can still check my balance from anywhere, but there's way more than that Eno gives me a virtual number for each place I shop So my real card isn't just floating around the Internet – Hmm

That's pretty cool [door opens and closes] – We're clear! – [chimes] Eno so secure Eno so smart I'm sick of it Eno can't even talk! – Or move around the house

Ow Or suck! – Right? I mean, sure Eno lets you turn off your virtual cards, but what about the A/C? – I swear, if she brags about Eno one more time, I'll send a tube of ringworm cream to her office – Don't worry, I sucked up Karen's Capital One card off the floor this morning – No! Why? She'll get a new credit card and Eno will just update her virtual numbers to match – [scoffs] It's like Eno learns new stuff every day

– Shh! She's coming! Act natural – No problem I'll make the payment now Eno makes everything easier – Order confirmed: 36-ounce tube ringworm medicated ointment

– Uh, I'm gonna have to call you back [chime dings] [texts whooshing] [sighs] – Oh, come on! [upbeat music]