Discover Secured Credit Card | My Experience with Discover Card Cashback

Researching Discover card? Duane here with How To Build Credit TV and in this video I'm gonna talk about my personal experience with Discover card, but before we get started I have a quick message Once again my name is Duane with how to build credit TV

This channel offers 100% free information about how to build credi,t how to get cash back actual cash money from using credit cards, as well as credit card reviews If this sounds like something in which you're interested be sure to subscribe and click the notification bells so you don't miss a thing Alright so I got my Discover card back in August of 2017 I think my year's deadline will be September of this this year 2018 and I actually got the discover it secured card and the reason why is because I wanted to re-establish a relationship with Discover Card I had a Discover card when I was back in college but I ruined that account and so I think a little more than 7 years 7 years have passed but I went ahead another secure card because I didn't want to apply and be rejected I wanted to apply and kind of control my credit limit so I initially opened a card with Discover Card and my credit limit was $1,200 I deposited $1,200 with Discover Card and then I went ahead and maxed it out at $2,500

And the reason why I did that was because I wanted to have as much purchasing power as I possibly could so that I could spend money freely on my credit card because I actually use my credit card for every single purchase I never used a debit card I never used cash as a matter of fact it irritates me when I have to use cash because I'm like man I can't give me cash back because I'm not using my Discover card So I went ahead and maxed it out with my Discover a secured card and the limit is $2,500 like I said Since I've had the card I've been able to earn a lot of cash back I'm a little over 300 bucks right now with cash back and it's In April and I think my year is gonna be up in September Hopefully I'll make around 500 bucks in cash back and as you already know discover is gonna match whatever I earn in cash back after my first year of membership so if I earned $500 in cash back they're gonna match it that'll be $1,000

Discover card is offering great value I honestly can't think of another credit card that is doing what discovered is doing Just the cashback alone is incredible the fact, the fact that I can get 5% cash back in certain categories up to $1,500 in specific quarters that's really cool and then in your first year as a member of discover you're gonna actually get the cashback match So that 5% actually turns out to be 10% which once again is incredible there's a lot of ways for you to actually get that 5% back excluding excluding the quarters and what they are offering in what category You can get cash back through discovered deals when you get the Discover card there is the discover app or you can go online and you can look and discover deals and there's a lot of places where you can get cash back

There's websites like Apple you can get 5% cash back on purchases you can get 5% cash back on Walmart purchases you can get 5% with Nike if you purchase through discover So there's a lot of ways to actually get cash back excluding the quarterly categories that discover has My experience with discover has been really awesome so far As a matter of fact when I got to secured it card that discover it secure card When I got that card my initial cash back reward program was to 2% on gas and dining or gas and restaurants and 1% on everything else

And then of course I heard about the 5% cash back and this was last Christmas or the last quarter in 2017 and so that quarter had Amazon and Target purchases 5% cash back So of course I went out and racked up a lot of Target and Amazon purchases thinking that I was going to get the 5 percent cash back Well I contacted discover because I wanted to make sure hey I've got a lot of purchases with Target and Amazon and my eligible for the 5 percent cashback I was kind of just making sure and they told me actually you're not you're actually doing the 2 percent on gas and restaurant and 1 percent on everything else but after talking to the customer service and Discover Card being great at customer service they decided to go ahead and honor all the purchases that made with Target and Amazon and gave me 5% cash back on that And I think for that for that billing cycle I had gotten like $65 of cash back I'll make a video showing you guys how much cashback I've gotten on each of my statements

It's actually been pretty cool especially like in the beginning I really wasn't paying attention to the power of getting the cash back but as the statements went on I started paying attention and I was like okay I got thirty nine dollars here that's kind of cool and so I just kept trying to max it out I think the max amount but I've gotten cashed back in in one month was like a hundred and six dollars and like I said I'll make a video and I'll actually link the video at the top right of the screen whenever I put that video up the link will be at the top right so you guys can check that out I'll show you my Discover card statements and show you the cashback that I've gotten monthly that has allowed me to earn over three hundred dollars currently with the Discover card cashback So in other words I guess what I'm saying in a nutshell is I've had an incredible experience with Discover Card if you're on the fence about getting the spell card make sure that you continue doing your research but more importantly it's absolutely worth it I mean they're giving you a lot of value So if you're interested in getting a Discover card please feel free to use the link below the description are in the description below this video please be sure to use that link because in doing so you're gonna get a fifty dollar statement credit and so will I after you make your first purchase within the within the first three months alright so thank you so much for watching this video

Be sure to stop by my channel have a look around if you have any questions leave them in the comment I'll get back to you as soon as I can please be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe thank you very very much for watching until next time take care and be blessed peace