Dick’s Sporting Goods Credit Card Review + How To Apply

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In this video I'm going to review the Dick's Sporting Goods credit card But before I do that I would ask you please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you have not already and if you have already I thank you for doing so So, the Dick's Sporting Goods credit card is technically called the Score Rewards card and it also includes Field & Stream and Golf Galaxy as two sister stores to Dick's, all under the same umbrella there, for earning and redeeming your rewards This card is issued by Synchrony Bank, which issues a lot of retail store credit cards, if you have any of these cards you may already be very familiar with Synchrony Bank Now in terms of what the rewards actually are: you're going to get two points per dollar on your Dick's purchases, your Field & Stream purchases, and your Golf Galaxy purchases

If you qualify for the Mastercard and you use the card outside of Dick's or these other stores, you're only going to get 1/3 of a point for every dollar that you charge — or the way they actually say it is one point for every three dollars charged to the card outside of Dick's So not a whole lot if you use it outside of Dick's Every time that you earn 300 points you're going to get a $10 rewards certificate Essentially what that means is if you use it at Dick's, every 150 bucks that you spend, you will earn a $10 reward toward a future purchase, which is not a bad rate That is about a 6

7% return on your dollars there, so not bad You're not getting great points outside of Dick's but if you use it at Dick's and Golf Galaxy and Field & Stream exclusively you're gonna get a pretty decent return and pretty quickly if you are a frequent Dick's shopper Now, alternately, you can use the card for special financing on big purchases You can get a 0% rate usually for 12 months depending on the purchase that you make and depending on the size of that purchase, you could be offered the 0% rate I actually bought a treadmill a long time ago using the credit card so that I could get that zero percent interest rate so that is a nice thing to have as an alternate

If you use the special financing you won't get that two points per dollar on that purchase, though, you only get one point per dollar on that purchase Now if you do use a special financing, make sure you watch out for what is called "deferred interest" Dick's doesn't really spell it out here but knowing how Synchrony Bank generally works with their retail partners, a lot of times these 0% offers are what is called deferred interest, meaning that if it says you have a 0% rate for 12 months you have to pay off every single penny of the purchase within that 12 months As soon as you get to the end of that 12-month period, if anything is owed, no matter what it is, they're gonna charge you all the interest from all the way back to the date of the purchase — as if that 0% offer had never even existed So you have to be careful that you watch the fine print on that

I don't know for sure that that's how these work but I'm fairly certain that they do and like I said Synchrony Bank generally works that way with their retail partners, so you definitely want to watch out for that Now you need to use your points quickly when you get them from this card they are going to expire 45 days

or the rewards certificate will expire 45 days after the certificate is issued so essentially you got a little more than six weeks to use the certificate which is not a whole lot, and which is one of our criticisms in general with a lot of retail store credit cards It's very common to give you rewards but give you a very short window to use them in In addition, if you earn points and you don't use them, or at least you don't accrue enough to earn a reward certificate within one year of earning them, those points are going to go bye-bye, they're gonna expire so not only do you get a short time once you've earned a reward certificate, you kind of can't let your points sit there forever and accrue

A year later they're going to be gone Now applying for this card is sort of interesting In comparison to most credit cards that have various ways to apply online, you can apply in a Dick's store, and for a long time that was the only way you could get the card Now they have added other options but they have not done sort of what makes the most sense to me, which is to have a desktop option you can or on your desktop computer You can apply via your phone and I will put the URL within the description of this video so if you're interested in applying you can see that And you can also text to apply for this card, which makes even less sense to me, to be honest with you, but I will put that in the description as well But you can't just go on to your standard desktop computer and go to a page where there is an online application for you to fill out

It's very strange, I don't know why they do it But you can do mobile or text in addition to obviously going into a Dick's store or a Field & Stream or Golf Galaxy store So overall the verdict on this one: it's not bad if you are a frequent Dick's shopper Like I said you can earn the rewards fairly quickly We used to use this card a lot when our kids were younger and playing a lot of different sports and they were outgrowing shoes and they were outgrowing clothes, we had occasion to spend at Dick's often, so hitting that $150 mark and getting that $10 certificate was a fairly quick process

But if you are not at Dick's often and you're not using it very often, this isn't a card where you can just let the reward sit until the next time And in addition this is absolutely not an every day card so even though you may qualify for the MasterCard and I should say when you apply you will be considered for the MasterCard and if your credit's not good enough you might get a store card that's only good at Dick's

but that's not a big deal anyway because this is not a card that you would want to make your everyday credit card even if you have the MasterCard Who wants to go and use it to earn only 1/3 of a point per dollar if they spend outside of Dick's and its sister stores? Doesn't make any sense So this absolutely is not an everyday card

It could be good for the frequent Dick's shopper but make sure you understand all the sort of fine print in terms of the special financing and the expiration of the rewards that you receive So that's it Thanks for watching Please go to ProudMoneycom where we do other credit card reviews and personal finance news and all sorts of other fun stuff too