Destroy Your Old Medicare Card

Harry, honey, look we got our new Medicare cards in the mail today Now we're just going to have to take and destroy these old cards because we wouldn't want some con man getting our information and using it for, I don't know, a shopping spree or something

No con man will ever get ahold of these Not if I can help it [golf swing] [match lighting and explosion] [crackling fire] [pirate chatter] [splash] [rocket sound] [laser] [explosion] [crowd cheering] Harry! Harry! Harry! Harry, the cards? Have you destroyed the old cards yet? Oh, I'm going to destroy them alright! Here, let me take care of this for you Keep your eye on your mailbox for your new Medicare card When you get it, destroy your old card to prevent identity theft and start using your new one right away

I couldn't have said it better myself