Delta SkyMiles Credit Cards – Which is best?

Hey I'm Adam Jusko from ProudMoneycom in this video we're gonna look at which of the Delta SkyMiles credit cards is the best

But before we do that I would ask you to please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you have not already and if you have already I thank you for doing so So there are four Delta SkyMiles credit cards you go from a no annual fee card all the way up to a card with a substantial annual fee

we'll look at each one of these cards in turn, talk about the pros and cons, who each card is best for, and then try to sort of name an overall winner here All four of these cards are from American Express and the number one we're going to talk about is the Blue Delta SkyMiles card, which is the no annual fee card of the bunch It gives you two miles per dollar on your Delta purchases, two miles per dollar on restaurant purchases — which actually none of the other Delta cards do give you, so this is sort of an interesting point per mile perk on this no annual fee card that the cards actually charging an annual fee are not giving you

So that's something to consider Other purchases you make with the card are going to get you one mile per dollar You can get a 10,000 mile bonus on this card if you spend 500 bucks within the first three months of having it The other perk here is 20% off your in-flight purchases when you use the card when you're flying Delta So that's pretty much it

Now some of the other perks that you might often think of with a frequent flyer card like free checked bag or priority boarding, that sort of thing, you're not getting those with this This is really sort of a no frills card here It's really for someone that wants to try and build up miles and get some free flights but doesn't want to pay an annual fee and sort of the extras that sometimes come along with airline cards are not that important to them So that is the no annual fee Blue Delta SkyMiles card Now taking a step up is the Gold Delta SkyMiles card and that has a $95 annual fee

You're going to get two miles per dollar on Delta purchases, one mile per dollar on everything else Like I said before, that two miles per dollar on the restaurants is only for that Blue Delta SkyMiles card — the Gold card and these other ones do not have that So again, two miles per dollar on Delta purchases, one mile per dollar on any other purchases you make But you do get your other perks like your first checked bag is free, you get priority boarding You can earn bigger bonuses

You can get 30000 bonus miles if you spend a thousand bucks with this card in the first three months You get a $50 bonus when you make your first Delta purchase with the card assuming that is within the first three months No foreign transaction fees on this card or the other ones that I'll talk about that Blue Delta SkyMiles card actually does have foreign transaction fees You get discounted Delta Sky Club access, which is okay, but you still have to pay for it But this one is sort of a good card for someone that wants the perks like the free checked bag and the priority access — something a little bit better than just earning miles like with that Blue Delta card So this is sort of that step up You're paying a $95 annual fee but if you're someone that travels with any regularity you're going to be getting some perks off of this one that it might make it worthwhile for you

And in fact in many cases it will be worthwhile for a holder because we're assuming to some extent that you fly Delta with some regularity here Now the number three card is the Platinum Delta SkyMiles card again that is going to be another step up from the Gold Delta SkyMiles credit card Essentially offers you similar things to what the Gold Card has — the two miles per dollar on Delta purchases, the one mile per dollar on other purchases, the free checked bag, the priority boarding But you can get bigger bonuses: if you spend a thousand bucks in the first three months you're gonna get 35,000 bonus miles, you're going to get 5,000 Medallion miles You can earn an extra $100 if you use this card for an actual Delta purchase within the first three months of having it

Plus this has a bonus if you spend more throughout the year if you spend $25,000 or more throughout the year, you're going to get a 10,000 point bonus plus 10,000 Medallion miles bonus as well Now the other big step up here from the Gold Card is the fact that you get a Companion Certificate upon renewal of the credit card each year

So when you renew the card you're going to get a certificates that will allow someone to fly essentially free with you in the main cabin of the airplane Now you still have to pay any incidental taxes and fees that go along with any sort of airline charges but you're getting that Companion Certificate So for this one it's really it's just got that little bit of a step up from the Gold Card But this one has a $195 annual fee So the way you have to look at it is: Number One, you can look at those bonuses, even though they're a one-time deal, but, Number Two, if you're going to hold the card over the long term that Companion Pass is really the place where you want to look Obviously that Companion Pass is probably going to be worth more than $100 if you use it every year, right? So going from a $95 annual fee to a $195 annual fee is going to make sense for you if you use that Companion Pass every year If for whatever reason you don't fly enough, that you're not going to book on Delta and then be able to use that Companion Pass then maybe it wouldn't make as much sense

But overall to step up from the Gold Delta and a $100 difference in the annual fee is probably a good thing for most people — or I should say there's a value there to spending that extra $100 in annual fees Then the fourth card here is the Delta Reserve card This is a big step up in terms of annual fee — you're now going to have a $450 annual fee Same basic perks as the other cards including the two miles per dollar on Delta purchases, one mile per dollar on your other purchases, your free checked bag, your priority boarding, all that sort of thing Where you're going to get your step ups here is the Delta Sky Club — access is going to be free for you, nobody else is getting that with any of these other cards

You can upgrade priority over other people within your Medallion class or whatever the terminology is that the Delta uses here, so you get some priority there You also get the Companion Pass that we talked about before but you can also have that for first-class, so if you buy first-class then you can bring someone along with you who also gets to fly first-class You've got some bigger upfront bonuses here, and bigger yearly bonuses if you use the card for over $30,000 per year, so again this is a card that just heaps on a little bit more, or a lot more if you want that lounge access in particular and that Companion Pass with first class, those sorts of things If you're someone that travels a lot, a lot of this stuff can be important to you, and you can end up earning a lot So if you spend a lot and you fly a lot, this Delta Reserve card could make sense for you, even with the $450 annual fee

If lounge access isn't important to you and you don't really fly that much, aren't going to put that much onto your card in charges, then it's not going to make sense so much So, looking at the four cards, which one is the best? Well, like I said, each one is a little different based on who you are, but overall we would probably say for most people that Platinum Delta SkyMiles card is going to be the one that gives you the greatest value Yes you're gonna pay a $195 annual fee but you have some nice bonuses and you have that Companion Certificate every year that is probably pretty much gonna pay for that annual fee or you are gonna get value there Now if you're someone that wouldn't use that Companion Pass the Gold Delta SkyMiles is very popular with many people because that annual fee is lower so it feels like a little less of a hit, but it's a step up from that no annual fee card that isn't giving you the perks like your checked bag and your priority boarding So we would probably say the Platinum Delta SkyMiles, many people would say the Gold Delta SkyMiles

The cards on either end — the high end and the no annual fee end — are good for certain people but probably not the majority of people that are interested in a Delta SkyMiles credit card So that's it, thanks for watching Please go to ProudMoneycom where we do other credit card reviews and personal finance news and all sorts of other fun stuff too Thanks for watching