Crypto Credit Card и интеграция DASH: эксклюзивно!

Hello, Sergey! – Hello, Elena Thank you for your time

Tell us, please, what are you doing today at this conference? Today we’ve come here to learn some news from the DASH company and this coin We wanted to talk with the DASH-community, get to know something new Also, establish useful contacts and find out what interesting things are happening in the market Tell us, please, what relationship does your project have with DASH? We are interested in this coin Our project is quite complex, it consists of two parts

It is our own mobile bank: we are now actively working on it On 1th June we are having an ICO A part of the project is our own crypto-exchange named the “C3 exchange” We are planning to list DASH there, because the coin is very interesting for our clients, and we ourselves are interested in it as well It is one of the top coins

Our strategy involves a listing project on the exchange and listing of top coins in our mobile bank, in the framework of which we will provide the opportunity of converting those coins into fiat This is the main solution we bring in connection with this project You said that you are going to list DASH And when exactly will this happen?What is needed for this? And what "button" is left to be pushed? We are going to list DASH around the end of June – the beginning of July Now we are in the “testing mode”

The registration is open on the exchange Customer can register and directly receive news: for example, what is going on, when it is happening, and so on According to the plan, several international companies will conduct an audit in June Our exchange will be professionally "hacked" Let's see how much it can withstand, because in this market security is the most important thing

We have already announced that this coin will be on our exchange So, when the tests are finished, we will start our work Again, just to sum up: why DASH? DASH has a very large community, and this is a very popular coin There are fast transactions I believe that this is an interesting product, one of the leaders

Are there any difficulties associated with your project? Yes, we had a million of difficulties, and we passed through all of them We can now give people advise: what is better to do, what better not to do (laughing) In general, I believe that 99% of the project has already been implemented It remains to finish the tests, show the product and demonstrate to the world what has been achieved Sergey, you talked about holding an ICO

Please tell us about this more in detail Our ICO is already at its final stage It’s going to end on June 1 We have some very interesting offerings for our investors I can even say that we've overdone it a little with marketing, because we have a utility-token

It is used in two of our products: within the exchange it is used in a very similar "model", as on the Binance exchange When traders hold our tokens, they pay order commissions with our tokens with a 50 percent discount This implies a large demand for the token and, accordingly, the primary investor will be very pleased with the result If we talk, for example, about the Binance exchange, their token went up, say, 240 times in half a year This is an interesting story

Also the token is used as “fuel” for our mobile bank, for the payment of various commissions in our application Therefore, in principle, someone can still have time to buy in the primary sale (ICO), as far as there is an opportunity Otherwise, afterwards it will be necessary to try to find the tokens only at those who have already purchased them And on our exchange we will list our token first So, if someone wants to make some good money, make “x 500” (in six months, for example), welcome

Sounds interesting! Thanks for a fascinating conversation! – You are welcome