Credit Union Difference Commercial: Jessica – Extended Cut | Robins Financial Credit Union

I work in a restaurant I'm a server and a hostess

I like working face-to-face, meeting different people I joke with my husband that I can talk to anybody about pretty much anything I have been banking with Robins for 10 years I got my first debit card with them, my first credit card, and my first home loan My parents bank with Robins, and when I married my husband, he also joined Robins

Our life is very crazy They're a fun crew to spend my life with We're rarely home, but when we are it's fun to be with Riley and to eat together I have their app, and their online banking makes it really easy as far as making our payments because I can just go online, log in, see my balance, see what I owe, and just transfer the funds Through Robins it's very personal, their customer service is just really great

I know the ladies at the bank here in my town, as soon as I walk in they say "Hey Jessica!" which I always enjoy They know me and I trust them I'll go through the drive-through ATM and it's very convenient I can deposit checks, cash, withdrawals, all right there I know other banks actually take money if you have a savings account, but with Robins, they give you interest for your accounts, which is one of the reasons why we did choose to go with Robins

Because Robins really cares That's the difference