Credit One Bank: Perfect for a Rewarding Career

Should I be looking at that camera or you? Not the last name I’ll start over

When I talked to the team at Credit One, marketing wasn’t even on my radar, but sitting down with our CMO, He said, “Hey, we’re just scientists here who happen to do marketing We do it with data and we do it with analytics” I loved that philosophy and I joined immediately So I’m originally from Vegas I went to school out of Penn State, and I wanted to come home for a job here, and this seemed like a really good opportunity

I researched Credit One Bank and I saw that their core values matched what I like to do outside of work, such as community involvement I arrived from Cuba four years ago and this company provides to me stability of my life and that was really good After working somewhere for almost 20 years, you become family with people that you work with And it’s very important to have a good core group of people that you have to work with and like to work with Everybody around is definitely willing to give you a hand

You just got to be willing to ask We have really good teamwork at the company I’ve really enjoyed the flexibility in my career here at Credit One Bank to really balance my work schedule and my life schedule Credit One Bank allows me the opportunity to be involved in the things that I like and also get me involved with things I did not know about I’m able to have a personal life as well as a work life and be able to raise my children and still be involved with my church and the community as well

In my time here at Credit One, supporting my wife and her pregnancy, I never missed a single one of her doctors appointments for any of the four kids I have not had to miss out on the things that my kids are involved in I’ve been to every baseball game That’s what I am—I’m a baseball mom I would recommend a friend to come work at Credit One Bank because we’re growing

We started off really small, and now we’re getting really big So this is the place to be I remember how exciting it was when we hit our first million cardholders And now we’re climbing up to ten million It’s very tangible to see how the work that you do impacts the success of our organization as well as our card members

It’s very exciting to have the opportunity to work for Credit One Bank that values my expertise and my background I was selected Employee of the Year in 2017 That was a really great honor for me and our team because that showed how the company values our employees The most rewarding part of my job is that I have a voice and it’s definitely heard My favorite thing about working at Credit One Bank is that feeling of importance and the feeling of being a part of something

Credit One Bank is a great place to shine because as long as you take the initiative and work hard, your ideas will get heard and you’ll get noticed If you want to be a part of something exciting, apply now This is definitely a great opportunity It is no joke This is a great place to work

We want you to work at Credit One Bank Don’t wait any longer Apply! Credit One Bank is waiting for you So join our team today Go check out CreditOneCareers

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