Credit One Bank – One-On-One: Max Pacioretty

– Credit One One on One with Max Pacioretty Max, it looked like the blueprint for how you want to be successful as a team last night

– We definitely played as a team and allowing that top line to go out there and create some stuff The other lines felt pretty good in their own end, and I think whenever you're able to play a good team game for 60 minutes it feels good, especially after a little bit of a struggle at the start of the year, so to come home and play a strong defensive game in front of Flower, in front of our home fans was a good feeling – Drive home last night, you felt good? – Yeah of course, we're in this to win hockey games, and we know the ultimate prize, and there's no egos in here, so whenever you can help the team by being in the lineup and getting two points, it feels good – Obviously you're in Montreal for a long time, and not as much success recently, this team has big expectations, and it makes the early games Like that's a big game last night, and now you've got Anaheim on Saturday, and I'm looking at it, and I'm already looking at matchups, and who's going to be in goal, and Gibson's playing good, it feels like March already

– Yeah, it's so different for me because now when I'm looking at the standings, I'm looking at different teams, different divisions I'm rooting for different teams to win, so it's not so often, obviously the last ten years I've wanted all the teams in the east to lose, and the teams in the west to win, and now that's reversed, so uh – You have to cheer for Boston some nights when they're playing a pacific team – Yeah I gotta cheer for Boston, and Montreal, and those rivals, and Toronto which doesn't quite feel normal yet, but we'll get there – Awesome stuff, thanks very much Max

That's the Credit One One on One with Max Pacioretty