Credit One Bank – One-On-One: Marc-Andre Fleury

– This is the Credit One One on One, one of us is Marc-Andre Fleury, one of us is not Number two, star of the week, Marc

I wonder, with back-to-back shutouts on consecutive days, do you get tired? (laughs) – I think it was just a busy week, right? We had five games in seven days and, you know, it's not baseball, right? So for us it's really a little more tiring than usually But we've done so well over this week and got some big points against a division rival, so feeling good – When we ask all the other guys about, what's the biggest reason for this hot streak the Knights are on, they usually point towards you, so what do you have to say? (laughs) – I like to point it back towards them, you know? I think it's a team game You always win as a team, you lose as a team You know, I think my teammates have been playing great in front of me, too, you know? Helping me around the net, taking rebounds away, or moving guys to the side so I can see the puck

Forwards have been coming back into our zone, trying to help out, cutting those passes across the crease So, it's a big help for me – Well you've got Nate Schmidt back in the lineup the last several games as well You guys go on the three-game road trip, what do you take from the recent play as you hit the road for three? – Yeah, it feels like we've been on the road a lot We just come in and head home for a little bit

We've had a lot of success on our last road trip there, and at home, so we've gotta keep building on it, right? Again, there we got Vancouver and Edmonton on the trip, so two other division teams, and we definitely need those points – Well here you are at 15 years Never before had you got shutouts on back-to-back days You've done it Number two star of the week

Marc, thanks – Ah, thank you very much