Credit One Bank – One-On-One: Alex Tuch

– Credit One, One on One with Alex Tuch Alex, great play last night on Max Pacioretty's second goal you worked really hard to get the puck, drove down into the corner and then, nice pass to Cody Eakin and then Max finishes

How much fun is it to play with players that when you do create, you know it's gonna go in the back of the net – Oh it's unbelievable I mean both my line mates right now are scoring goals so it's a lot of fun for us and we're just trying to make an impact every night – You are a big guy and a lot of speed and a good shot, has the ability to make plays, has that always been in your game? – I mean, maybe a little bit growing up and stuff, I try to be as much of a play maker as possible and you know it's honestly a lot on them They're finding the right areas, they know what I'm gonna do with the puck most of the time and it's just been working out for us and when they're scoring goals like that it makes me look more and more like a play maker – [Gary] Winners of five in a row that must feel pretty good right now

– Yeah, no I think we've done a really good job the past few games but you know what we have to put that behind us and worry about tomorrow night – Big challenge, Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers the last time you played them their coach got fired the next day, and they have a new coach and three, one and one, since Hitchcock took over behind their bench Have you looked at them and what's different about them since the last time you played them? – I haven't looked at them too closesly, we're just worried about this locker room more or less and you know what we know they got a lot of high end guys over there, McDavid, Draisaitl, all guys like that, so we have to always have to be aware of whose on the ice – Great, that's Alex Tuch, the Credit One, one on one