Credit One Bank Customer Reviews: Credit Line Increases

(upbeat music) – It feels fantastic to get a credit line increase without having to ask for it because it tells me that they believe in me as much as I believe in them – Well if you're paying on time

If you're being just a good consumer You definitely reap the rewards of that by getting the credit line increase – Over time, my credit card limit has gone up quite a bit At least four or five different times, now since I've owned the card, my credit limit has gone up – When Credit One Bank gave me a increase on my credit line, it made me feel really good

– The fact that they given me a chance to apply for credit line increase, and then it lets me know within seconds whether I'm approved or not, to me it gives me a chance to rebuild my credit which helps me out for the future – I think they see where you are in your credit And then they give you just enough to see what you can do with it and if you do good by that, then you get an increase So it's a win win for everyone