Credit Cards For Bad Credit – Best Place To Get Credit Cards Tailored To Your Needs in 2019

what's good life gamers in YouTube while knowing I love you know feeling out seeing all-powerful just damn all everything and we keep it sexy as hell on this channel your life game for today is we're trying to help those out who's got some credit card issues or bad credit you can't get a credit card and where to go to get the best information on credit card specific to your needs if you enjoy the information on this channel please click like subscribe hit that bill so every time I drop a video you will get that full circle of life games and first things first from my folks who's got bad credit maybe you've suffered a divorce maybe you had a hard upbringing maybe you just didn't have the knowledge of how American capitalism and the structures and constructs work you got a bill get a credit card to start building your credit and where do you go when you can't get an unsecured card first place you're gonna want to go is your local credit union see if they have a Fresh Start program every credit union doesn't have it but you go and check out the credit unions in your local community check their websites and see if they have a Fresh Start program basically you put some money in a savings account and they will give you an unsecured card it won't be for a lot maybe five hundred or a thousand dollars but simply enough for you to start rebuilding your credit and as long as you can take that credit card pay your bills on time keep the credit utilization down meaning you whatever that limit is let's say they give you $1,000 you don't go over 300 you'll be able to start rebuilding your credit and at least about a year and a half of two years time and you'll start being able to get other cards from other people that issue and for those of you that are in position to get a good card and you want to get the best rates figure out one of the best points and advantages for you I got a great website for you guys to check out the link will be in the video description but let's go and do our life gains tool because you know nobody and I mean nobody do these tools the way let's check out the site the life gains – of the day brings us to this site called nerd wallet and they do so much more than credit cards they do banking they do investing they've got it all mortgages loans insurance you guys can make life games by saving money across the board here but the subject we're talking about in particular is their credit cards these are all the tabs they have for you to pick which way you want to find the best credit card that fits your particular lifestyle and they even give you some of the coaching tips need it to understand credit cards understand balance transfers how to boost your overall credit just a great great site for you all to start using because it'll help you make those life games and save money so if you're new to the site you just come in here whatever you think your credit score is if you checked it last you know money so pick the rains that it falls in and if you don't know the credit score this is an alert that you need to know it you got to know your credit score so let's just say you've got average credit all right we're gonna click that one and what is it that you care about do you want rewards do you want cashback low interest rate 0% balance transfers some people have some debt in their life that they had to get from somewhere else and you can transfer it on some credit cards for you know maybe six months with zero balance that type of thing so let's just go ahead and pick let's say we want the car that gives us the best rewards you might be someone who likes to fly you give a click on find cards and see it shows you everything you need to know about the cards with their annual rewards that they give you in a year whether or not you have an annual fee as you see you're scrolling down this one has no annual fee it gives you a reward of a percent so you're gonna get back about 266 a year Discover I use them I like their service but a lot of people don't at self discover and so forth and so forth endless amounts of cards ladies and gentlemen this is definitely a site you want to take advantage of because it's gonna help you get those overall life gains which is going to give you freedom and quality in your life that was it hope you guys are able to take disinformation put yourself in the best position whether you want to get a no feed credit card credit card it gives you lots of reward points or use someone who's kind of in that credit area where you need to get a new card I wouldn't recommend using that website if your credit is bad to get a new card just simply because a lot of the secured cars tie you up and yearly fees and the interest rate is going to be ridiculous I'm talking thirty twenty five percent and you don't need that in your life as you're trying to rebuild your credit let's think people I'm here to help you guys get those life gains avoid the stuff I went through and believe me damn it I've been through that shit and you don't want to deal with it and that's going to do it for this video don't get it like my video comment and subscribe go out there get yourself that life game check my video description box for all the cool links I have down there the website is linked down there as well check out my past videos and until the next sex Intel video I'll see you you enjoy the content on my channel please take your cursor click the subscribe button if you want to receive an alert every time I drop a new video click the little bail and if you want to connect with me on Facebook you can click this button if you want to connect with me on my other social media I got a button for you here button for you here and if you're one of those people that want to make a donation donations can be made through my patreon account by going to WWE and com4 slash life gains you can also get private videos done this is how you can support my challenges click here and become a patreon and you will 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