Credit Card Updater Service

In this video, we're going to take a look at a service we provide for Luminate Online clients who process credit cards through Blackbaud Merchant Services – the Credit Card Updater service According to Visa, over 50% of credit cards are cancelled or reissued every year

This may be due to a data breach or a card that was lost or stolen and often has a negative impact on your organization's sustaining gift revenue Not only does it provide an opportunity for donors to stop their recurring gifts, the process of contacting card holders and manually updating accounts can be costly The Credit Card Updater Service solves this problem by automatically updating card expiration dates, card numbers, and card types that have changed as a result of a reissued card Thereby allowing you to spend more time focused on your mission The Credit Card Updater service is only available for sustaining gifts that are processed through Blackbaud Merchant Services, also known as BBMS

Because credit card updates are automatically received on a monthly basis with no administrative action required, you can keep donors' credit card information current, maintain relationships with your sustaining givers, and avoid declined transactions and disruptions in recurring gifts It's important to note, though, that only Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards issued by banks that participate in the service can be updated The Credit Card Updater service is proactive in that changes are captured before a payment fails Every card for every sustaining gift is registered with the service, and all cards are checked for updates To facilitate tracking credit card updates, your organization can sign up for email notifications in the BBMS web portal

When an update is received, Luminate Online is updated in several areas One place is on the Sustainer Gift Details page In this case, the donor's card was renewed and the expiration date was changed from November 2018 to November 2019 The system was automatically updated and there was no lapse in payments On a side note, credit cards may be updated before a payment is even due

In such a case, you will see new credit card information in the constituent's record before a payment is processed Another place where updated credit card information can be tracked is on the Transactions tab of the constituent's record in the Sustaining Gifts section as well as the Transaction History Now let's go to the Interactions tab of the same constituent Two new Luminate Online interactions have been added to report on and track credit card updates: Sustaining Gift CCU Update Received and Sustaining Gift CCU Response The Sustaining Gift CCU Update Received interaction is logged when a donor's card is successfully updated

For this donor, we filter on the Sustaining Gift CCU New Billing Info interaction and see that one has been logged Click the link in the Subject column to see details about the card update In this case, only the expiration date was updated The Sustaining Gift CCU Response interaction is logged if the card could not be updated and there is some action you need to take In this case, we'll sort on Sustaining Gift CCU Response, and see that the donor's card could not be updated

There are many reasons why this may happen For example, the donor cancelled the card or has opted out of card updater services Click the link in the Subject column to see details about the card update In this case, the card could not be updated and you should contact the card holder in order to avoid a decline the next time you try to process the gift Finally, credit card updates are also reflected in the Gift Service Center

Several reports make it easy to track credit card updates: the Sustaining Gift Performance Summary report, the Interaction Details Report, and the Constituent Interaction Counts report The Sustaining Gift Performance Summary report calculates month over month, the total dollar amount retained from successful updates and the total dollar amount that resulted in errors The Interaction Details report lists all constituents that had either the Sustaining Gift CCU Update Received interaction or the Sustaining Gift CCU Response interaction logged in their record This allows you to see a complete list of cards that were successfully updated and a list of cards that could not be updated For the cards that failed, this provides a handy list of the constituents that you can follow up with to get new card information

The Constituent Interaction Counts report lists the constituents with new billing information in the Sustaining Gift CCU Update Received column and constituents whose cards could not be updated in the Sustaining Gift CCU Response column So what should you do if you get an update error? If the last payment failed and the card information was updated, monitor the payment to see that it succeeds If the last payment succeeded with the message that the account has been closed, you may want to contact the card holder for updated information before the payments start to fail Follow your organization's guidelines when deciding whether or not to contact the donor With Credit Card Updater, update rates vary based on a number of factors including what banks and card brands issued the cards, when the gifts were first established, and how proactive your organization is in maintaining current payment information

Recent data breaches may also impact your update rates, especially if a large number of cards are being reissued as a result However, with a service like Credit Card Updater, you can maintain monthly revenue and focus on your mission! For more information about the credit card updater service, including reporting methods, visit the Luminate Online help documentation from the link that appears