Credit Card Debt/Grace Period-#135-video-2018

hey everyone this is the untwisted voice of Terry gee thanks you stop by and watching my video blog what today's video is on is how to get more grace time to pay off your purchase on a credit card honey how do you get more grace time so normal grace time on a credit card is about 20 days when your statement comes in you have roughly about 14 or 20 days to pay that credit card off that's usually the going way of doing it and that's the way most people do it but this video is gonna show you a way for planned purchases only not for emergency purchases but for planned purchases how'd it get about double the grace period to pay that off it's actually more than double for me it's about 55 days and for you it might be between 50 and 60 days like a whole two months to pay a purchase off the first thing you're gonna do is you're gonna find your your East statements if you have an East statement you're gonna look at that on your cell phone and find out when your cycle datas for your statements so your each statement might come out in the 14th like mine or if you have a paper statement still look on that and look when that statement was issued the date of it so for myself for an example I'll just say the 14th so everything that's on that bill on that each statement the cycle runs about 20 days so from the 14th so we'll say roughly the 4th of the 5th of the following month you have to pay that credit card off but if you want to book a trip say like I want to book a trip to Cuba this month what I'll do is a plan purchase I'll wait to the 15th of the month to buy it so what I'll do is I'll start shopping around about a week prior I'll hold off to the 15th because I know when I make that purchase on the 15th for a great deal I know I have roughly 50 to 55 days from the date of the purchase to pay that off on the credit card and that's basically the way you do it you have to know your East statement dates what your statement is issued and if you have a plan purchase that is large and you need maybe double the time to pay it off do it like that buy that nice coat buy that nice gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend or something that you like to buy for yourself that's a little larger than normal because you'll have another about two months to pay it off some credit cards are up to sixty days believe it or not if you do it that strategy that I just showed you mine's 55 okay so it's a really simple simple simple tip but it's really effective I've been using it for years I carry no debt on my credit card and when I use my credit card I'm very responsible but sometimes I just love to use other people's money to buy things for myself over time so that's just a simple trick that's very effective so you know your East statement date no the statement date that is issued on after that date make your purchase and check the cycles of your credit card and you may be surprised that you have up to sixty days to make that payment on that initial purchase that you made after the statement date anything on that statement date prior to that will fall into the regular cycle so you only have 20 days to pay it I hope I didn't confuse you if I did what I've done is I take the time off to explain myself below so take a little read there if you got a minute if you liked my video by all means leave a comment if you don't like my video leave a comment but if you can all do me a favor and subscribe to my channel I'd really appreciate it this is the untwisted voice of Terry G and as usual look after yourself because it shows and have a great day and I'll see you next time