Credit Card Benefits

So the other day, I got my credit card update benefits It covers a couple of different things that I didn't know some features were attached to my credit card so I thought why don't I read it? I have nothing else to do

So what I discovered is that there's a collision damage waiver option – so if I rent a car and I happen to hit somebody and I need some additional coverage, it provides supplemental coverage Personal purchase protection – so in the event that I bought something, it can stay under warranty up to another year beyond the manufacturer's warranty Who would have thought about going back to your credit card on a washing machine or something that didn't work? I never thought about that one Extended warranty protection – that's also good too Trip delay – so if you're ever delayed on a trip for more than 12 hours, they actually compensate you for that coverage

The other one that got me was that I wonder that a couple weeks ago on that flight on Southwest Airlines where that lady had passed away here in my credit card benefits, in the event that somebody did die or have some kind of injury due to an aircraft, that they would pay them up to $500,000 So who knows what benefits you might have, but take the time to explore to see what benefits your credit card is offering you and what benefits to take advantage of