Credit Card Backlash: The Dangers of Online Shopping

As young adults, we strive to make every dollar count so we can buy the things we want like new clothes, shoes or electronics With about 80% of Americans online shopping nowadays many scammers are working their way into the system to scam us out of hundreds of dollars

With the holidays just passing a majority of people shopped online, which could raise the possibility of their information being stolen because many people strive to save money and find the best deal they sometimes overlook the possibility of the security of the website According to a Forbes article, the percentage of online shopping scams have risen 43% in just the last year and the average fraudulent transaction is $239With the rise of scams, these hackers can not only take your money, but they have full access to your credit information which is very dangerous One Hackers have your credit information they can use it to run your credit dry and ruin your reputation with banks Your credit is your doorway to a future, it helps banks and companies know how reliable you are with money for loans Your credit helps you purchase a car or a house, once that’s creditability is gone it takes so long to gain that trust back

Remember there’s a huge difference between college broke and credit broke So, before you buy from a cheap unknown store think is it worth the risk?