Consolidated Credit 25th Anniversary

You make one call to Consolidated Credit and here's what happens, Freedom! (Freedom!) All across America people are celebrating their freedom from credit card debt they're using Consolidated Credit Counseling Services Consolidated Credit when debt is the problem, we are the solution

The debt suckers Hi-Rate and Hi-Pay are everywhere Because Debt sucks! Hi my name is Gary Herman, President of Consolidated Credit and I'm proud to announce that we're gonna continue to be here for as long as the community needs us and we thank everybody for your support If you're not working on a budget get to a place like Consolidated Credit When you work with Consolidated Credit there are ways to improve your creditscore I've been working with Consolidated Credit

I've had them come out to the school do special programs for our veterans I've been encouraging them to sign up for homebuyers education class, you guys offer the 8 hour class Homeowners, but also in how we market financial products and how we really think about the stability of a family really over the long run Having tools like this is very important to everyone I mean whether it's our members or not, I think it's really important to get that out there and try to educate as much as we can You folks do a phenomenal job and and it's so important to educate everybody plus our men and women that serve our country

Consolidated Credit's outreach efforts started with the creation of free financial publications with five fundamental titles and now has expanded to over 40 publications in English and 15 in Spanish Credit Dojo is an interactive 16 part financial education course that puts a fun spin on basic financial literacy topics to help engage the audience It allows users to work at their own pace to truly grasp the information Consolidated Credit offers free monthly financial webinars that covers seasonal and trending topics live webinars give a user the opportunity to interact with a financial coach and the on demand allows people to learn around their busy schedules In the past 25 years we have helped over 6 million people our debt management program rules multiple debts into a single consolidated repayment schedule our certified credit counselors help consumers to see where their money is being spent, teach them how to budget, and negotiate with creditors to reduce or eliminate interest rates, as well as stop penalties and fees

Consolidated Credit has been serving the Hispanic community in the United States in Puerto Rico for over 15 years They offer a full Spanish website with specific content to help Hispanics with personal finances in video format webinars social media presence and articles tailored to the Hispanic community Consolidated Credit is a pioneer in financial education launching its first website in 1998 from then to now their focus has been to spread information and tools that help people become financially stable and prosper Innovation and ease of use has been key and Consolidated Credit being successful Consolidated Credit is approved by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide housing counseling personal attention from HUD certified counselors teach consumers financial concepts and how to assess their financial picture to enable them to take the steps to fulfill the American dream of homeownership Education is offered in person and online making the program's accessible to the masses often the options solutions and advice counselors provide can mean the difference between success as a homeowner and foreclosure

Consolidated Credit's business product is KOFE which stands for Knowledge of Financial Education The financial wellness online platform builds on consolidated credits 25 years of counseling experience to provide a two-part approach to financial education through a combination of self-help resources tools and interactive features combined with one-on-one financial coaching users can build a strong foundation that leads to long-term financial stability 5 years 1 year Over 20 years 15 years 3 and a half years 17 Years A year and a half 3 years 19 years 10 years 6 years 3 years 20 years 11 years 10 years 17 years 22 years I work with great people they're always supporting of me We help millions of people get out of financial debt It's a great working environment

The opportunities there are so many angles has so many facets to what we do I love what we do and I believe in what we do You don't feel alone you're part of an organization that values you and respects you I spend nine hours here you know, you get close to these people you really do Everybody is very friendly it's a great camaraderie a lot of teamwork everyone's very willing to help

It's very lively We have a lot of longevity Here at Consolidated, We are a family Here at consolidated credit we're family Here at consolidated credit we're family

At consolidated credit we're family Consolidated credit we're family