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got money in the bank ooo ooo ooo I'm corny I know hey guys and welcome back to my channel healthy Venturer where I talk about being healthy being fit traveling and today we are going to talk about the oh man I dropped what we're gonna talk about one moment porfavor today we are going to talk about my new favorite thing the Chase Sapphire Reserve travel card the Chase Sapphire travel Reserve card was named the best travel credit card in 2017 by Money Magazine now I don't read money magazine but that sounds pretty prestigious to me this is an honest review of this travel card and I've only had it for just a few months but I am loving it so far if you liked this review be sure to give this video a thumbs up share it with all your friends who are big spenders or it needs to be better with their credit card hacking remember to subscribe to my channel and my social media for more fun travel fit and health tips a few months ago I sat down and did some hardcore adulting I looked at my finances and just asked Mary what do you really usually spend your money on I'm not a very materialistic person I don't buy a lot of clothes or shoes or stuff like that I'm more about the experiences I always encourage all my friend Lee and friends to spend money on experiences experiences always always always try on material things so I usually spend money on traveling especially budget travel that's what I like to do I'm very fortunate to have the opportunity to do that with my work schedule the other thing I spend my money on is food because I don't need out that often but when friends come to visit when I'm traveling I do spend money on dining so the best bang for the buck looking talking to my friends and families using a very amazing resource near wallet the points guy both of those are amazing travel blogs for those of you who want to learn more about finances adulting best credit card to get your bang for the buck that's what led me to discover the chase Safa reserve credit card that's such a tongue twister for me Chase Sapphire reserve credit card this credit card is so dang nice it's metal and I don't know it makes you just want to spend it so dangerous right sold me on this card is right off the bat if you spend X amount of money in the first three months I believe it's four thousand dollars which isn't that hard to do if you're an adult to have rent and mortgage and stuff to pay you get fifty thousand yes fifty thousand points right off the bat and that equals seven hundred and fifty dollars of travel money to spend now that my friends is like two plane tickets to Hawaii that's seven plane tickets back to Pennsylvania from you so that is a huge awesome freebie right off the bat now as I said I spend most of my money on travel and dining this credit card gives me triple points which is amazing so most credit cards are a dollar a point so it tends to add up very quickly it's awesome because so far with this credit card I've been just saving and racking up the points and it's gonna pay for my future trips and backpacking adventures and it's nice because it's so far adding up pretty darn quickly another nice perk about Chase is that if you redeem through their Travel Center your points are worth a bonus of 50% more which is quite generous something else super important to me is the fact that there are zero transaction fees again when you travel usually there's maybe a three percent transaction fee that can add up if you're spending hundreds in the foreign country or you're there for your honeymoon so that is a huge perk and should be something you look for in every single travel card you have so it does cost four hundred and fifty dollars to sign up which sounds like a lot and yes it is a lot but the bonus makes it work that there's also a calculator a link I included that NerdWallet wrote you can type in your average spendings per month and it will tell you is it worth it for you to get the travel card or is it better for you to use a different travel card now this card pays back for itself so quickly you get $300 back on all travel purchases and the amazing part is you get it right away so for example I took a five hour ride and you know just within a couple days BAM the travel credit was added back on which is awesome the other awesome perk is that you get the apply for the TSA or the Global Entry no fee is waived so a hundred dollars right off the bat that gets you five years of expedited travel to get through those long annoying security lines feeling like a VIP and getting into your destination remember that the credit card already also pays off for itself because of that $750 you got right off the bat in the first three months of signing up and then a huge perk of this card I didn't realize unfortunately within a few weeks after getting this card my card decided not to start and I sure as heck did not want to push my car six miles to the nearest car fixing auto place shop that's not English auto shop so you know gave chase a phone call the great thing is free roadside assistance for up to fifty dollars four times a year so I got a tow company for 25 buckaroos which is amazing to get my broken car to the shop and now it's running good as new for renting cars you get a huge discount so for example I rented the car for Hawaii which is my next trip for a week cost I think two hundred eighty dollars if I would have done it through the credit card I get an eighty dollar discount so that is an amazing deal even with their credit card if you pay with it you get theft and collision insurance for up to seventy five thousand dollars so it's such a nice bonus you know when I'm driving a rental car I'm very careful but you don't know who will ding you or who will hit you or side curb you do a hit-and-run so it's very nice not to pay an extra fee for the enterprise for example car insurance it's nice that it already is included for free with the Chase Sapphire preserved travel credit card awesome an awesome perk for your immediate family and for yourself now we all know when we check luggage I hate checking luggage I just like having it on me I feel safer with it but sometimes if you over pack or you're the last one on the plane you got to do what you got to do so if they lose your luggage for more than six hours you get reimbursed $100 day for up to five days if they in general lose your luggage which I hope never happens but it does happen unfortunately you get $3,000 for yourself and your immediate family now that is amazing dealio for your GoPro camera computer whatever you're traveling with that is amazing sometimes trips get cancelled and you know you spent your year's savings on that Australia trip well no worries if the trip gets cancelled the credit card will reimburse you up to $10,000 which is amazing if you're in a foreign country and there's some kind of emergency or hurricane tornado you got to get out of there they will take care of it for you they will reimburse you up to one hundred thousand dollars just make some phone calls you're in good hands if you have some kind of medical or dental emergency same thing call them they will get you to a nearby hospital a medical facility will help you up same thing reimburse you up to $2,500 for you and also your immediate family members so before I bore you with more details I'm going to share one last favorite perk and that is the priority pass so what that is is it gets you into over 1,000 airport lounges all across not just the nation the world these airport lounges are so nice you know I hate waiting several hours in the uncomfortable seat but lots of people in the airport you get these comfy lounges wait for freshman's some of them give you free alcohol free wine free coffee Wi-Fi some of them have even a little nice bed for you to sleep in for yourself and also up to two gas which is amazing for example the one in Denver the lounge is actually our Steakhouse so you and also up to two other people get a $28 credit for a free meal which is plenty to feed you and get you through to your next destination you get this cool app on your phone called a priority pass where you can easily look up the closest lounge in the airport you're at what they offer the perks and it is good for up to three years I believe and this is like a four hundred plus dollar perk of the travel card that you have this travel card is one of the best things I've invested in I left the link below for you to check out and make more of the perks but I will go through them all quickly for you I hope you like this credit card review I hope you find it very helpful again there are tons of perks probably the biggest downfall is that four hundred and fifty dollar payment fee they do take it off right off the bat when you first start and receive the credit card and start spending it but it pays off first out farther quickly again the link is below if you want to read more about their credit card sign up for the credit card if you want me to do more reviews on travel gear resources things like this be sure to let me know guys next time