Cash App Card | Get $5 | How to Get Discounts at Your Favorite Store | Cash App Boost

hey everyone this is Al Rodgers out of Orlando Florida and as usual I'm gonna show you where to save or make money from home online offline across line today I'm gonna be looking at the cash I'm showing you how you can get a discount using the cash card so let's get started all right so the first thing you need to do is go to your App Store in this case I'm going to the Android Play Store if you don't have this app already installed you will simply type in cash app install this app on your phone the icon of course is a dollar sign with the green background make sure it says square incorporate it you want to simply install the app and after you install it go ahead and open it now this is not a review on the cash app but you know the cash app allows you to transfer money or to pay money to someone that you know okay so of course I can ask my uncle to send me 900 I'm sorry ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars right I could hit request and send it out but the days review is not about the cash how do you use your cash car to get a discount so what you do go ahead and click on the dollar amount at the top in this case it's a hundred dollars I'm gonna click on that you have to make sure you get a get your free cash card if you don't already have that set up that's the only way you're gonna get your it's the discount so you would set that up if you haven't done that already we'll just click on the car by the way this is a debit card it's not necessarily connected to record to your bank account so it's technically a prepaid card it's not a credit card they call it a debit card but you can buy up to the balance that you have on the card after you set up your card and you want to get those as the discounts when you get your card you can actually add what they call boost so see this second middle here says boost these boost allows you to add these to your card and it gives you discounts at various restaurants retailers such as Wendy's as you can see here give you 10% off each visit coffee shops $1 off each visit Chipotle's 10% off each visit I mean they have whole stay but have Whole Foods on here okay so let you get healthy food 10% off each visit Panda Express chick-fil-a Dairy Queen shake Shack's and Domino's so basically what you would do you would I you can click on these different retailers or restaurants you can look at the program details that tells you you get 10% off for this particular one at Domino's with this cash card I said you can use the selective boost once every 30 minutes which is kind of cool for maximum discount per purchase of $750 all right so let's say you wanted to use one of these boost or you would simply do you would select the boost that you like so let's say we're gonna go to Dairy Queen you will click on the Dairy Queen and you will say add boost boom and it shows you boom the boost has been added to your cart as supple as that so when you got a Dairy Queen you can use your car to get 10% off it's as simple as that guys well hopefully this is helpful I once again this is our Roger showing you how to save or make money until next time remember our Rogers here born to grow ready to serve until next time peace