Capital One Platinum Card Review

Hey, WalletHubbers! Today, we’re talking about the Capital One Platinum Credit Card If you’re looking for a quick overview, there are three things you really need to know about Capital One Platinum… First, the Capital One Platinum Card is one of the best starter credit cards on the market, according to WalletHub’s editors

It’s perfect for people that have fair credit or a limited credit history Second, the Capital One Platinum Card has no annual fee That means cardholders have the opportunity to build credit for free if they manage the account responsibly and pay their bill in full every month Third, the Capital One Platinum Card does not offer rewards or low interest rates But you shouldn’t worry too much about that

Hardly any other starter cards have those types of perks And most are a lot more expensive than the Capital One Platinum If that’s all you need to know, just click the button here to learn more and apply If you want some more info first, I’ve got you covered there, too For starters, a lot of people wonder about the credit score requirements for getting approved for the Capital One Platinum Card

Capital One Platinum Card is best for people with average credit In addition, Capital One Platinum has the following requirements: You must be at least 18 years old You monthly income needs to be at least $425 higher than your housing payment You can’t be in bankruptcy You need to have a checking or savings account You also might be wondering if Capital One Platinum reports to the credit bureaus? Yes, the Capital One Platinum Card reports account information to all three of the major credit bureaus each month If this information is positive, it will help improve your credit standing

You can learn more and apply online by clicking the button here With all of that, you should have everything you need to make an informed decision about the Capital One Platinum Card For full disclosure, Capital One is a WalletHub advertiser, but that in no way affected what I just said This is just my honest review See ya next time, WalletHubbers!