Can you pay by credit or debit card through GoCardless?

Can you pay by credit or debit card through GoCardless? GoCardless specialises in bank to bank payments using Direct Debit schemes around the world Including Bacs in the UK, SEPA in Europe and BECS in Australia and New Zealand

This means you can't use us to take payments by credit or debit card or from a credit account So why is that? Firstly, because we're recurring payments specialists and we believe that bank to bank payments are a better way to take recurring payments They're cheaper than cards and much more reliable, since bank accounts don't expire or get lost On average, 30% of customer churn is involuntary and the result of credit and debit card failures Typically due to expired, lost or stolen cards

Secondly, specialising in bank to bank payments means we can make our product the best it can possibly be and deliver more value to our customers Unlike a lot of payment generalists, our API is developed and optimised especially for bank to bank payments For example, it has the functionality to reduce common errors found in Direct Debit set up Such as entering incorrect bank details as well as special built in fields for next possible charge date We also accelerate all following payments for you by reducing the advance notice period you need to give to your customers as part of our optimised Direct Debit process We understand that some of our customers will still want to offer card payments

In these situations, we would recommend choosing a best in class supplier Many of our customers choose to combine GoCardless for Direct Debit with specialist card providers like Stripe for example Finally, if you're using us through your billing, CRM or subscriptions platform, you won't have to deal with a seperate payments tool You can use us seamlessly alongside other integrated payment options So to sum up, bank to bank payments are better for taking recurring payments

And being a specialist allows us to give you a much better service And remember, dealing with multiple payment providers doesn't need to be complex if you're integrating them into the tools you use everyday