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Buy bitcoins with a few simple steps using Paybiscom

Go to paybiscom Сredit card payment method selected is on the left under the "You spend" column Bitcoin is on the right Select the currency, enter the amount and click "Start Transaction" Are you logged in? Not registered? Click the Register button Registration via Facebook or Google is available We get only a link to your profile and an email, no sensitive data Fill a few fields with your personal details and click "Sign up" Provide your Bitcoin wallet address, personal info and an ID pic for verification

Sharing your personal details is safe with Paybis The step is necessary to ensure payment is authorized by you and to make sure your card details are not used by fraudsters Your verification takes a few minutes Click "Continue to checkout" button to get redirected to payment page Enter bits of your personal info on payment processing page to confirm you are the same person and prevent fraudsters from acting on your behalf

Click the link sent to your email, enter the four-digit code sent to your phone and click "Continue" You will be redirected to the next page Enter your credit card info and click "Pay now" Once payment is submitted you are redirected back to Paybis Paybis is waiting for payment confirmation

Once obtained, your Bitcoins are sent to your Bitcoin wallet address immediately Buy bitcoins fast and safe at Paybiscom