Boy, 16, loses virginity after ‘winning Sex Island ticket’ – using dad’s credit card

 The Chilean boy, named only as Brian, said he went to the sex-mad fest off the coast of Venezuela where he claims to have lost his virginity   He reportedly entered a competition to win a ticket to the orgy using his dad’s credit card  The event, where one ticket can set punters back £4,600 per ticket, allegedly promises men unlimited sex   Brian, who lives in New York, claims to have lost his virginity at the event and said it made him feel like a man     Related Articles Man charged with having sex with a DEAD BODY at a UK funeral home Couples are LOVING the Santa Straddle sex position – and it helps women to orgasm Just Jane: My doting bloke doesn’t know about my sex-working past  He added: “I want all the kids who light me in school to see how much of a man I am I have two girls and they have none” Brian continued: “My friends are so jealous of me I want to have sex for the first time

  “Losing my virginity is really important to me at this time in my life  “I have tried to find girls on Tinder, but never had the courage to meet up with them in case it’s not really them in the photo   Related Articles Average number of sexual partners for Brits revealed – it may surprise you Millionaire businessman who killed lover in night of ‘rough sex’ jailed Furious girlfriend gets brutal revenge on partner for not texting back in video  “I kissed a friend in school once but she didn’t want anything else with me   “My mum hasn’t spoken to me since she found out about it”  The event was relocated from Colombia to the Caribbean nation following an outcry in Venezuela   Related articles World's hottest gran reveals sexy snaps from 'Nearly Naked' calendar Nudist couple take Instagram by storm after sharing snaps of naked hikes World's hottest gran strips off for VERY raunchy Christmas shoot