Best Credit Cards

Hey WalletHubbers! Today we'll go over how to find the best credit card, specifically for you Our editors are constantly looking at over a thousand different credit card offers to find the top deals in each category

So to find their latest picks, head to this button right here Now, there are a few rules of thumb that will definitely lead you to the right card And a lot of that depends on who you are So say you're new to credit or have a bad credit, then you want to focus on finding a card with no annual fee so that you're able to start rebuilding your credit at the lowest cost possible Or if you already have credit card debt, you'll want to look for a balance transfer card with a low introductory rate

There's also some cards that have low intro rates on new purchases Those would come in handy if you know that you have a big expense coming up, but just make sure you pay that off before that intro rate ends And if you have good or excellent credit and you plan on paying your bill in full at the end of each month, then go for a rewards card with a high initial bonus and ongoing rate Cash back is usually the most straightforward but there's also great deals with points or miles right now, as well And it's a good idea to check back from time to time when you need a new credit card because offers are constantly changing

Rates fluctuate, intro periods or initial bonuses also differ depending on the season or time of year So to start comparing cards today and find the best one, click this button