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If you find yourself faced with a high balance on one or more of your existing credit cards where it seems like every month you're just paying down interest and maybe not even seeing any light at the end of the tunnel a solid balance transfer credit card can be a major step in the right direction As you have a look at the list of balance transfer cards we've put together for you here at CardGuru

com you'll want to consider several factors to make sure you're making the best choices for your particular situation Ideally, you'll want a lengthy introductory period, 0% APR on your balance transfers, and a low transfer fee percentage in the card you select Ultimately, the right balance transfer credit card can not only help lower your monthly payment situation but help you pay down your debt much more quickly and maybe even improve your credit score in the process All of the cards we have in front of you here give you an opportunity to improve your personal finance situation Again, keep in mind a few specific factors in your search: Look for low – or best case – no balance transfer fees Depending on how much you're transferring, this can really make or break your outlook in terms of paying down the debt

Understand the introductory interest rate, which could be quite low or even 0%, for a certain amount of time and try to pay as much off as you can while minimizing any additional interest Take note of how long the promotional period lasts When it's over the interest rate goes up, sometimes by a lot, so plan accordingly And factor in the annual fee, if there is any You'll want to make sure the math is still coming out in your favor

With plenty of options for you to consider, we're confident you'll find the right balance transfer credit card to help improve your situation right here at CardGurucom Best of luck!