AWS cloud- Create a free account. No credit card required

Hello everyone my name is Gourab Paul and I am a software engineer with nearly 5 years of experience in software development using Amazon Cloud with nodejs and Java

In this tutorial series I will be showing various AWS component from very project startup from scratch to development in production or test or any other environment This video is all about how to create a free AWS account for 1st year If you have any queries then you can always reach out to me at gourabp17@gmailcom, and its mentioned in the description below or you can leave a comment below

So here you can see that we all choose about the personal interface and then we create an account then we go to the payment information and we give our card details, then they will ask for a telephone number So they can verify it's a genuine user Once you give the right credentials they will ask for pick up the call using a 4 digit number , so you just need to type this four digit on your mobile once you pick up the call So once it is done it will show you that your account has been verified successfully Then you just need to choose which account plan you would need So basically I'll choose the basic plan as the full developer plans and business plans are available in my organization

So you can choose anything like developers plan or business plan, so depending on that AWS will provide you support This is all about how to create an account Thank you