Apps kopen zonder creditcard

Martijn from Apple Coach here! We recently looked at the use of iTunes credit cards You can use it to buy apps in the Appstore, to rent movies, to play music buy, to buy iCloud space

You can use such a card for all those things If you only want to use those prepaid cards, it is important that you do not payment method connects to your Apple ID So no credit card or PayPal for example In this video, I want to show you how to do that when you create a new Apple ID, that you only use with iTunes credit cards We have just packed an iPad for now, where I have not yet logged in with an Apple ID

To ensure that we can make one without having to link a payment method we open the App Store Now we go to "Apps" And here I just open an app that is currently number one in the top "Free" So now "NPO Start", but that does not matter in itself It is important that we choose a free app here, even if you may want to go later still buy paid apps

You tap on "Download" If you do not have an Apple ID yet, choose "Create new Apple ID" Here you enter your e-mail address and the password you want to use for your Apple ID Here you choose your country and of course you will have to agree with the terms and conditions Then tap "Next"

Here you enter some information, such as your name and your date of birth And you choose security questions there And now you are asked for the payment method Here you choose "None" The things like the account address that are just for your bill that you get when you what buys, so fill in your address details

Then you will receive an e-mail at the e-mail address you have filled in with a code And you have to enter that code here So we open the Mail Then you see that code there and you have to receive it within three hours of receiving that e-mail fill in the Appstore Then tap "Verify" and a blue check mark will appear if you have done correctly

Then tap "Continue" And your Apple ID is created without a payment method directly linked to it You can do this later, or work with a kind of prepaid cards that you just can buy in the store You can see how you use that in the previous video on this YouTube channel Did you have anything to do with this video? Do not forget to click up on the thumb

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