Applying for Multiple Chase Cards at Once | Reviewing Chase’s 2/30 Rule

Hi, it's Ernest from Trip Astute In this video, we're reviewing another Chase rule known as 2/30 and sharing some tips to consider when applying for multiple cards

(light chiming music) If you've been watching our channel, you've probably seen our Chase 5/24 rule video or heard me reference it in other points and miles videos Though with all the new cards that have recently been released by Chase, I've noticed we've been getting a lot of questions from people asking whether they can and should apply for multiple Chase cards at once Since Chase has some of the strictest rules when it comes to applying for cards, I thought I would discuss one of their lesser-known rules which is the 2/30 rule This unofficial rule basically says that you can be approved for no more than two Chase cards within a 30-day period I should caveat this by saying that none of these rules are official, but more based on the collective experience and insight from those in the travel and points community

You might know someone who actually got three Chase cards in a month without any issues, but for most people, this seems to be the general rule of thumb from Chase So, if you're chasing (no pun intended) multiple chase cards at once, and knowing that it's possible to get two cards within 30 days, should you apply for two at the same time? In my opinion, probably not Even if you can get two Chase cards within a month, you want to monitor whether you fall within the Chase 5/24 rule Also, I still feel like it's risky to apply for more than one card from the same issuer at the same time I think the issuers get a little bit nervous when they see people applying for a lot of credit at the same time

You can often hide that you're applying to multiple issuers by using the "app-o-rama" technique, but if you apply for multiple cards from the same issuer, they're going to see it If you're not familiar with the "app-o-rama" technique, see our Credit Card Tips and Tricks" video for more information Some people might disagree with me, but I personally recommend applying for no more than one credit card from the same issuer within 90 days I might be overly cautious, but I also think that this hobby is a marathon and not a sprint While you want to be able to get the best offers, I also think that there are new and better offers yet to come

In fact, rules change so much in this game, you can never get too comfortable with your card approach and strategy Still, if you're determined to get two Chase cards at once, here's what I would suggest Number 1: Check your 5/24 status Chase is notoriously strict about the number of cards that you have applied for, especially within the last two years If you need help determining how to check your status, see our video on it

Also, keep in mind that not all cards are subject to Chase's 5/24 rule Chase cards like the Hyatt, Marriott, IHG, Ritz Carlton, and British Airways do not count toward 5/24 I'll include a link in the video description to an article with the full list Number 2: Map out your card strategy While you might be excited about getting a card now, just know that each card will make it more difficult to get a future card, especially with the 5/24 rule

Make sure that you have a road map for what cards you intend to get If you need a credit card tracker, feel free to use the one that we've created I'll include a link in the video description Also, I suggest leaving a little bit of buffer in your card applications in case an incredible offer is around the corner You don't want to miss out the next time a 100,000 points card offer is released

Number 3: Make sure your first application is approved If you're applying for multiple Chase cards, then you'll want to proceed with the second application only if the first one is approved immediately The reason for this is that it's unlikely that your second application will be approved instantaneously if your first one is under review or being processed I personally wouldn't want two pending approvals at the same time, as I think it might be a red flag to the issuer Again, I might be overly cautious, but I think it's better to be safe than sorry

Have you had luck applying for two or more cards from Chase within a month? Let us know your experience below Also, let me know if you think I'm being too cautious about applying for more than one card at the same time from the same issuer We hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful If so, please give us a thumbs up and consider sharing our video with others We're so close to getting to 5,000 subscribers and would appreciate your help getting there

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