Anyone can accept card payments (HOW TO)

– I travel a lot, so I had the misfortune of running into a lot of cases in which my card payment wasn't accepted I wanna pay for my hostel, and they're like, "sorry, we only take cash, walk to the nearest ATM for 30 minutes and then come back

" The reasons are very diverse At the craft beer festival, the seller said he's just too small to accept cards, or the bank wasn't giving them a payment machine, or they only accept Maestro for some arcane reason, looking at you, Netherlands In most cases, I would prefer to pay an extra fee than go on a quest to find the only ATM in the county Thankfully, using the latest Fintech apps, I cropped together a solution that anyone can use All they need is a smartphone

Fintech, if you're wondering, is just short for financial technology Some just call them digital money apps This guide is from a sellers point of view, but even if you're a client, watch it so you understand the process You can then show it to sellers so they can start using this method The steps are as follows: Use a digital money app to generate a payment link that you can message the client

Client gets a payment link to a secure gateway where he can input his card This is like an online payment for him Depending on the card, there may be a fee for processing paid by the client Receive the money in your app after he pays Take cash from your own wallet and put it in the cash register

Print a cash receipt for the client from the register Send the money from the app to your regular back account Instead of doing this, however, you can just spend them in the app Before I get flooded with comments, there's nothing illegal about this From a financial point of view, what's happening is that this allows the client to use the seller as a mini ATM

I'm going to demonstrate this with Revolut because this is the digital money app I regularly use, but you can also do this with others, too I know Bunq supports the same functionality I hear Google Pay supports it, too Others are Venmo, N26, Monese, Starling, but I don't use them, so I can't instruct you step-by-step So here I just open my Revolut app, and inside it, I click the Payments button and click Create a Payment link in the top right corner

I can just input the value, add a note, and even choose the currency in which I want to collect the money in Once you click the Create button, it'll be generated as a web link Being just text, you can send it to anyone through any system I can select one of my contacts The thing is, usually you wanna talk to somebody you don't know, you don't have them in your contacts, so instead, you can just enter their phone number and send them the SMS for payment

Once they receive it and open it, they will be able to input their personal data This is strictly on the web processing site, the person who sent the link doesn't get to see all this All they get is money on their end To recap, the flow is simple From a digital money app, the seller creates a link, the client gets the link and makes an online payment, the seller gets the money in their personal account, and then deposits the money in the cash register, that way a card payment was executed using Fintech and cash

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