Amex Mobile App – Learn How to Replace a Card! | American Express

– [Announcer] If you want more time in your life, it helps to know a few shortcuts That's why we've created easy to use tools that let you manage most of your account tasks quickly and easily

If your card is ever lost or stolen you can order a replacement right from your smartphone Here's how Be sure you have the American Express App downloaded to your smartphone Open the app and login to your account At the bottom of your screen tap on Account

Then on Card Management Then simply tap on Replace a Card Click on Reason You Need to Replace the Card Then select from the four choices You may need to answer a personal security question

Then pick a shipping method We'll ship the new card free of charge Just tell us how you want the card sent to you That's it Your lost or stolen card will be canceled immediately, and your new card will be on its way to you soon

Once you receive it be sure to update any automatic recurring payment accounts with your new card number Now you know how to replace an American Express card using your phone Want to know more, check out our other videos about managing your American Express account from your phone or the web American Express, don't live life without it