American Express Everyday Card

Researching America Express everyday card? Duane here with how to build credit TV And in this video I'm gonna be having to look at the American Express everyday card and what it has to offer so that you guys know what to expect if you're interested in getting this particular card, the make an Express everyday card

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Ok so you might be interested in getting an American Express card and you're doing some research on American Express Well American Express actually offers a lot of different credit cards and in this video I'm going to be talking about the American Express everyday card So for this portion of the video I'm gonna jump on my laptop so that you guys can have a look with me at the website so that you can see exactly what American Express has to offer in this particular card the American Express everyday card So I'll see you guys in one second on my laptop Ok so we're at the American Express website to have a closer look at the American Express everyday card

It says the card that rewards your everyday 0 balance transfer fee offer plus earn 15,000 membership reward points after you use your new card to make one thousand dollars on purchases in your first three months Zero balance transfer fee balance transfers must be requested within 60 days of opening the account This offer may not be available if you leave the webpage and return later Ok they need to tell you that I guess, of course there's no annual fee which is one of the things that I do like about this card There is a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months and then there's a variable APR of fourteen point seven four to twenty five point seven four

If you have other credit cards or one particular credit card that has a lot of money on, if you want to save yourself some money you can transfer the balance all of it or part of it to your American Express everyday card and you would pay no interest for up to 15 months So this would be a good way to save yourself some money because most credit cards have a very high interest rate That's why I encourage you to pay it all off if possible Okay so of course it says how Membership Rewards points add up of course there's different things going on here It says earn 20% more points make 20 or more purchases with your card in a billing period and earn 20% extra points on those purchases less returns and credits

And so of course there's terms of condition that applies to that, you guys can read up on that The next category says two times points at supermarkets you get two times the points at us supermarkets up to 6,000 dollars per year in purchases I'm sure that after you meet the spending requirement on that let's say you spend $6,000 at grocery stores then you probably get just one point instead of two points

And then it says one point on other purchases one point for every eligible every eligible dollar you spend it talks about payment flexibility right here on the left, it says your card gives you the option to carry a balance with interest or pay in full each month So whether you're managing your monthly expenses or making a large purchase you can have the payment flexibility you need while continue continuing to earn rewards That's pretty straightforward guys it talks about the membership as far as the card members you guys can sign up for American Express offers rewards You at places like places to shop dine travel and more says get your offers of course you can sign up for that type of stuff One of the things that I think is pretty cool about this card, of course there's tabs here you guys can navigate through these tabs talks about rewards of course talks about travel and some of the insurances that they provide in regards to travel or protection

It also talks about shopping and entertainment I like this one I want to bring to you guys attention It says wasn't a perfect match? No worries if you try to return an eligible item purchased with your car within 90 days from the date of the purchase and the merchant won't take it back the return protection may provide a refund and of course it says may provide a week refund, but that's still kind of cool The fact that you know you have the option to see if you can get a refund from American Express if the merchant won't take back the product It says limited to three hundred three hundred dollars per item and one thousand dollars per calendar year, purchases must be made within the US and its territories

I think that's pretty straightforward This card is pretty much a you know regular credit card that gives you the opportunity to make points on your spends, whether it's at supermarket this is pretty much like a I guess it's really beneficial in the supermarket Department is concerned And if you spend a lot of money or you make a lot of transactions for the month you can get 20% more points which is really cool if you're using your credit card quite a bit so this card by American Express the American Express everyday credit card I think it's a pretty decent card if you're looking to get started with American Express There are certainly other cards that they offer that if you're interested in like travel and stuff like that you may want to consider those cards, but I think this is a decent card to get started like I said with the American Express The American Express everyday card Alright I'll see you guys back in the video give me one second

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