5 Things You Should Pay with a Credit Card

Hey WalletHubbers! So you've got a credit card and now you're wondering what you should buy with it Well here are the top five things you should pay for with a credit card

The first are appliances and electronics These big-ticket items like TVs and refrigerators can not only help you earn rewards quicker, but many credit card companies offer extended warranties if something goes wrong with that big purchase within a few first years that you've purchased it So that right there is a win-win And some cards also offer price protection, which will help you if the price of your item gets discounted, again, within a certain period of time after you purchase it Second, it's pretty much impossible to travel online and book it without a travel credit card, but that's okay since many cards come with travel perks like lost luggage insurance, trip cancellation coverage and even premier airport lounge access

Plus, with certain travel rewards cards, you'll actually earn extra miles when booking flights or making other types of travel purchases Number three, those will be online purchases When you make them, credit cards offer protection against fraudulent charges Most also offer coverage for items lost or damaged during shipping So pick credit over debit every time for those online purchases

Fourth are international purchases Nine times out of ten, you'll get better currency exchange rates when you're using a credit card This is true whether you're physically in another country or if you're just buying something from an international merchant online Either way, credit card is going to be your best bet Just look for cards with no foreign transaction fees before you go on an international shopping spree

And lastly, as long as you pay your credit card off in full each month, put your recurring monthly service bills like cable, utilities on your credit card This way you know that everything is paid on time and you only have to deal with paying one bill each month, rather than three or four If you're using a cash back rewards card then you're actually even getting something back for the spending that you would do no matter what So there you have it If you're looking for a new credit card to use to pay for some of these things, or all of these things, just click the button here

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