5 Card holder Pull and Pay Slim Wallet

In this video review a quick look at a popular crowdfunded slim wallet, this is the second generation Dax wallet It's an easy Pull and Pay card holder with a really effective cascading card eject mechanism They call it the Dax v2 For disclosure over sent this wallet for free I've more crowdfunded products to show you soon including an early look at a product soon to feature on a crowdfunding platform

You can get that preview right here so hit subscribe or their notification bell This wallet will appeal to those that want a minimalist front pocket wallet I like its functionality and its materials choice So far it looks really special offering a welcome alternative to an accessories market over-represented with leather wallets The main function is the card holder pull and pay pop up feature The cascading colors here are inspired by mobile app user experience There's a choice of different colors

This one is described as amber They will easily hold five embossed bank cards in this center section I've seen lots of wallets with complex mechanisms to eject cards in a fan-like fashion but this simple solution is the only one so far that separates the cards perfectly and loosely packed so that you can actually pick one out You can see the different colors behind the cards making this work a little like the tabs on a document wallet After a while you associate the colors with the card you want to locate so you get what you need without really paying attention- clever The magnetic tab works well If you think you've seen this wallet before that's because the v1 that you might have seen on Kickstarter looks almost identical Heres what's new on this second generation This part of the wallet is reinforced for better function of the Cascade wallet feature I learned the wallet is laser-cut and heat sealed

So you get a really crisp edge to the finished card holder The exterior is an anti fray microfiber It's designed to be resistant for friction wear from pushing it in and out of your pocket That way your dax wallet will always look brand new for as long as possible It's likely to have some water resistance Which I'll test last On the reverse one more pocket for either another card, cash, or a couple of coins Coins are difficult to get out but they don't claim the wallet to be designed for coins I found cash was easily accessible here too, but don't use the bottom slot as it's hard to get back out It's dimensions are pretty tiny as you can see It measures just under 7 centimeters by 10 centimeters and even when it's full of cards here it pretty slim at less than one centimeter Next water vs microfiber I declare water the winner! I purchased the original dax wallets myself a few weeks back which performs better in this test But remember the new microfiber wallet promises better wear resistance, and it does look nicer In summary, the DAX is low on tech compared to some of the products I normally feature but big on design, it's well thought out for practical use See ya