5 Biggest Credit Mistakes – Home Owners Need To Know

The biggest credit mistakes number one maxed out credit cards Causes the credit score to go down anywhere from ten to forty five points depending on your current credit score HI! I'm Kristina Hopper of Natural Instincts Realty Group powered by Walzel Properties

Two did you know that the higher your credit score is the More it will impact your credit score If you make one of these mistakes take a look here at this graph You can see that the higher your credit score for each of these credit mistakes the more it will Adversely affect your credit score when you make one of them For example if your credit score is 680 and you have a maxed out credit card It can impact your score from ten to thirty points But if your credit score is higher say 780 the maxed out cards will impact you between 25 to 45 points Another crazy is a payment of 30 days late negatively affects your score anywhere from sixty to a hundred and ten points So pay your bills on time and don't have any late payments Four a debt settlement drops a score from forty five to one hundred and twenty five points A foreclosure Affects the score between eighty-five to a hundred and sixty points and lastly a bankruptcy Negatively affects your score and can drop it anywhere from one hundred and thirty points to two hundred and forty points For a detail report on how to maximize your credit reach out to me or Fill out the information below and I'll get you a detailed report out

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