20-Year-Old Claims Mom Stole Her Identity And Opened At Least 10 Credit Cards In Her Name, Which …

You say that she stole your identity and opened up what 10 credit cards? 10, maybe more 10, maybe more credit cards in your name? Yes, along with a electricity bill, as well

Utility bill and 10 credit cards? Yes You said that you wanted the focus to be on the relationship then let's talk about the relationship Did you hijack your daughter's identity? No, I did not The electric– Okay, so you didn't open 10 credit cards in her name? No, I did not She was aware of the one to start her credit when she was at school

I did the electric bill so she could have a place of residency, you knew that Well that, look there aren't versions of the truth Did she or did she not open credit cards in your name? Yes, she did And they weren't for you, she had the credit cards Yes, she had the credit cards the whole time

We actually have some video tape about that, so let's take a look at that This is my journal, almost all of these pages are filled with the identity theft my mom put me through I spent my whole summer going through calling people and making sure all of this was taken care of I've made police reports As you can see, fraud right there

She's been putting credit cards in my name since the day I turned 18 I think my mom opened up at least 10 credit cards It was close to $3,000 or $4,000 This document right here, this is one of the credit cards she tried to pay the electric bill on this one I wanted to make sure that a 100% that it was her

She went to a local gas station that I know is in her area, a grocery store, and one of her favorite restaurants I know for a fact this is her It's been this whole process for almost two years now It's consumed my life, I have to do it to get my name back and recover from what my mom has done Well, she seems to have and she brought along the journal where all of this is documented

The very page where she says fraud here and the amount due and the different credit cards and her conversations with Medicare All of these things that are documented with dates and times and receipt numbers and all She seems to have this very well documented that says you did open multiple credit cards in her name I did not, I opened two and she was aware of those (audience laughing) To start credit

And did you put the utilities in her name? Yes, I did Because I was told 'cause she was going away for school, that she needed proof of residency because she was 18 to continue to get insurance Well, this is the energy bill in Taylor's name The account status as of 10/12/2017, the amount due $99965

It was opened in your name, did it get paid? They're still in the process of trying to pay it and make sure everything's together It was originally $1,103, I believe Uh-huh, well that's months and months old so that's a black mark on your credit, right? Yes Who was supposed to pay that bill? She was I was, absolutely

But you didn't pay it? No, 'cause she had the amount changed, well to the address that she is currently living And she is still under my insurance, under the Medicaid under our county, which that is technically fraud I'm actually not, I went and changed it last year